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New Year

How to give a gift original

What is important is not a gift and attention that you render, and how you present show. Presentation must be original, the only way you will be able to deliver a memorable holiday in a loved one.

How to give a gift original

Instruction how to present an original gift

Step 1:

If you have access to the apartment or in the workplace, spread a little note with clues that eventually lead man to his show. You can also stretch the yarn around the room, which would end tied to the present, or to create a real pirate map that will mark your place with a surprise.

Step 2:

Small souvenir can be packed in several boxes, each of which must be greater than the previous one. To this situation is remembered for a long time, use of at least 6 packs. Be sure to thoroughly seal the box to Present was really extracted and received. So his value in the eyes congratulates only increase.

Step 3:

For a donation of small items (such as jewelry), you can use a balloon. Fill it with helium, and attach the thread show. Then the whole structure put in a large box or drawer, which also can be decorated. When your loved one opens the package, a gift he will come up into his hands.

Balloons give a holiday atmosphere

Step 4:

Attract foreign people. For example, refer to a specialized agency. Book there clowns, mimes and actors, and the New Year, of course, it is better to book the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Let them sing for Congratulations song, read the lyrics, and then hand over a gift. At the end of congratulations will appear and tell you some warm and tender words.

Step 5:

Purchase inexpensive hardcover. Carefully cut out the middle of the page, to organize taynichok in which you and put your gift. When your surprise will have to clean up on the shelf, ask scroll through the book. The surprise of finding remember.

Step 6:

If you decide to give some small gift, place them around the home. Just put in the places in which your loved one be sure to peep. For example, in a closet with clothes, next to the toothpaste in his glass. You can also attach the handle gifts for the front door, to the teapot, a comb or hang instead shoehorn.