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New Year

How to have fun in the New Year

New Year's Eve is perhaps one of the most anticipated of the year. By midnight chimes battle most people refers to the thrill and excitement. But rapid meal, ending with a sweet dream, already rather tired, so with the approach of December 31 should think about entertainment. Which best describes you celebrate and apply the power of imagination to have fun planning.

How to have fun in the New Year

Instruction how to have fun in the new year

Step 1:

New Year's Eve with friends - a fairly common option. Close people, familiarity with which has continued for more than one year, - the pleasant company. In this embodiment, the process a great variety of entertainment, because drunken young people are happy to respond to calls to have fun. Arrange competitions. It does not have to be a landlord to have the right to entertain guests. Take the initiative and just days before the new year, prepare a sample script and the necessary attributes. Apparent children's competition in the New Year night will surprise you with its relevance. Run a little around the chairs, trying to take a free, slip the belt tied to the handle in the neck of the bottle, a game of "guessing game" - you need to show the hidden word, without uttering sounds, only one gesture. Remember the school days and borrow from them a couple of contests - fun does not take long.

Step 2:

New Year's Eve alone, it would seem, can not be fun, and did not need entertainment. But there is another vision of the situation. Across the country and the world there are hundreds of thousands of people welcoming the holiday in the company of his cat. Unite! Modern means of communication will help you with this. Get a Skype (and desirable to have a webcam) account on facebook or in contact with and celebrate the holiday together with those who are also eager to communicate. Decorate your apartment in the area of ​​the chamber of reach, put on his neck tinsel, prepare snacks and champagne. An hour before midnight, two go arrange a conference on Skype, joining a dozen people. With the chimes open the champagne toasts say, hold a glass to the monitor - in half an hour you will start a real feast with lively conversation, and in the morning - and songs.

Step 3:

Mass celebration - another great way to have fun in the New Year. Stock up on champagne, glasses and tangerines, how to insulate. New attributes in clothing are welcome. Feel free to go to the busiest place of the city (not necessarily, by the way, a). Wave of fun, festivities, songs, dances, competitions, a huge tree and friendly countdown cherished ten seconds - all this will make the holiday memorable and leave a bunch of impressions until next year.