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New Year

How to keep New Year's program

From New Year's Eve are waiting for a lot of surprises, joyful communication and good quality of the program. The facilitator should not only keep the audience's attention, but also cause a desire to actively celebrate and take part in various competitions and games. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct the New Year's program on a pre-rehearsed scenario, taking into account the mood of the audience.

How to keep New Year's program

You will need:

- scenario; - A suit that fits the theme of the festival; - Master folder; - Holiday accommodation; - We launched for tender participants; - Festive paraphernalia.

Instruction how to conduct the New Year's program

Step 1:

Write an original script for the Christmas program. Be clear about the subject, the idea of ​​a holiday, a good understanding of your audience. For example, young children will be interesting to a fabulous trip. Its well perceive and adult audiences at the New Year corporate parties, only the words are completely different it is necessary to pick up for them. And even better - some form of, for example, New Year's Soviet-style or a masquerade ball in Hawaii.

Step 2:

Include the script Christmas program various competitions and games for spectators. They can be both collective and individual. Prepare small thematic prezenty: candle holders, Christmas decorations, magnets with the symbols of the incoming year.

Step 3:

Select the appropriate category and the holiday costume script for doing a Christmas program. You can take it for a rental in a special studio to buy or sew. Appearance leading very important to create a festive atmosphere, to seize the attention and sympathy of the audience.

Step 4:

From the outset, seeking to generate interest in the event. In this case it is not necessary immediately to impose contests and entertainment. Be sensitive to the audience at any time may be needed from the passage of a prepared script. Ability to professionally get out of any difficult situation - an important quality for a good leader.

Step 5:

Be prepared for a negative attitude on the part of some viewers. You can deliberately disturb lead New Year's program. The best thing in this case - not to engage in polemics with the troublemaker, and politely ignore it, working with the rest of the audience. When an emergency occurs, gently besieged it a joke that causes laughter from the rest of the audience. Most often, this tactic helps to quickly precipitate a drunken intruder.

Step 6:

Your main companions should be a smile, a suitable music and sparkling jokes. It is also important to be able to respond quickly to the evolving atmosphere at the tables. Better drop a few games, if viewers want to spend more time for socializing. A little later, when the audience to relax, you will have time to catch up.