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New Year

How to look beautiful in the New Year's holiday

New Year - a big celebration, which brings together almost the whole world. Many people in this day, have a special, solemn mood that is created by the general atmosphere around - the holiday table, dressed Christmas tree, gifts, friends, relatives and friends. And of course, everyone wants to look fabulous New Year's Eve is excellent.

How to look beautiful in the New Year's holiday

Instruction how to look beautiful in the new year celebration

Step 1:

New image consists of at least four parts: hair, makeup, manicure and dress himself.

Step 2:

In order for you not had throughout the holiday worry about whether your installation has deteriorated, do not do too complicated hairstyle. You can simply dissolve the hair and secure them with varnish with sparkles, you can make curly hair, and it is possible to braid fashionable lately braids and ears and decorate them with different accessories or Christmas colors. If you are going for a New Year's Eve to go for a walk, the braids will be very helpful, because this installation does not deteriorate under the cap.

Step 3:

New Year is usually celebrated after 10 - 11 pm, so make-up for the occasion is worth doing evening. It should be brighter than daylight. For New Year's make-up will suit pearlescent shade or cosmetics with sequins. But to use such means to be very careful, knowing the measure. Pearly shade can ruin your appearance in the case, if the skin of your eyelids rough and inelastic. Please note that for New Year's make-up is better to use waterproof makeup.

Step 4:

Manicure for the New Year celebrations can be done alone or in a beauty salon. Do not forget about the details of the image, because your hands are always in sight, at least, when you clink glasses with champagne. Manicure can be made bright, monotonous in color of the dress, and you can draw on nails branches of spruce and decorate them with sequins, to place beside them round rhinestones depicting Christmas balls and fix all with transparent varnish.

Step 5:

When choosing a costume is necessary to consider where you are going to celebrate New Year. If you plan to mostly walk, it costs more to take care of warmth and comfort. If you want to celebrate at home, at a party or in a restaurant, you can pick up a beautiful evening gown. Traditionally, clothes to celebrate the New Year wearing these colors, which correspond to the symbol of the coming year. The coming 2012 will be marked by black water dragon, which is characterized by shades of black, blue, cyan, white and red.