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New Year

How to make a Christmas mood

Christmas mood - a feeling of extraordinary wonderful holiday, which is familiar to all from childhood. But with age, the belief in Santa Claus passes, but is waiting for a miracle, so everyone gets a little small in the New Year's Eve. And if suddenly the Christmas mood, a sense of magic and wonder are missing, create them yourself.

How to make a Christmas mood

You will need:

- Tree - ornaments - tinsel, - mandarins, - gifts.

Instruction how to make a Christmas mood

Step 1:

Forget about work, about the affairs and concerns. Of course, in the New Year's holiday for most people, but there is a person whose work never ends. Christmas mood brings with it "easy", but the "severity" of problems may well ruin your holiday. Therefore it is necessary for at least one night out from all the worries and take holidays pleasant troubles.

Step 2:

Remember that New Year's - a family holiday. Its definitely need to spend with people who love you: family, wife (husband), children, friends. We all have loved ones, most importantly, do not forget about them. Even if you have not seen for a long time, called and offered to meet holiday together. Waiting for the upcoming meeting pleasant necessarily give you the attitude that is needed for fun. And if your family has children, it is possible to invite Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. This addition will provide a great mood, and children and adults.

Step 3:

Create the right atmosphere. Probably every person has some memories, perhaps children, elegant beauty of the tree, the smell of mandarin (which is in any Christmas gifts), the unforgettable fireworks in the night sky. These are the moments, saying that Christmas mood there is something special or any other holiday does not give such an indescribable feeling of a fairy tale. It seems that all the troubles remain in the old year, and the new will be all right. And, of course, jokes, laughter, games - everything should be fun.

Step 4:

Do not forget the gifts. Perhaps that you are destined to become close friends Santa Claus and fulfill their dreams come true. It is therefore Heed to the choice of gifts: first, it helps to tune into a festive mood, and, secondly, to bring a pleasant feeling of satisfaction when someone deliver joy. The main thing to know that Christmas mood we create themselves: choice gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, festive meal in a circle of loved ones and of course, fun and joy. And if a strong desire, then closing your eyes and imagine yourself in the New Year, you can create a mood at any time of year, even in summer.