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How to make a Christmas tree at home

Not all apartments have room for fluffy Christmas tree, but do not deprive yourself of the same symbol of the magic of the holiday! Make a small Christmas tree made of shiny tinsel or other improvised means and decorate her room for the New Year.

How to make a Christmas tree at home

You will need:

- PVA glue; - Thick thread; - Mosquito net or mesh for flowers; - Electric garland; - Drawing paper; - A pair of scissors; - A cup of glue for breeding; - Brush.

Instruction how to make a Christmas tree at home

Step 1:

The sheet of paper tape or paste over the film obtyanite food to cook Christmas tree easy shot. Because of this, take a sheet of this size cone, what you want to see the future decoration. Carefully trim the bottom of the cone, make small incisions to secure nitok.Na table lay a rubber sheet, and put on work clothes. A cup or bowl dissolve the PVA glue, the solution was similar to the consistency of milk. Stretching the thread through the glue, wrap it in a cone in a chaotic manner, but uniformly filling the form.

Step 2:

Winding cone thread of different colors or just green - it is you choose. When you fill out the paper tightly enough cage, leave it well prosohnut.Obrezhte cone edge with outstretched threads and gently provernuv paper form inside, remove it from the textile Christmas trees. Bottom obsheyte bias binding or ribbon for gift wrapping.

Step 3:

Electric garlands, consisting of torches or other molds, stick inside the textile cone, leaving the outside of the cord to the switch. If your garland - a chain of LED light bulbs, carefully attach them threading short delays. Outside on the wire, hang small Christmas balls or thin tinsel.

Step 4:

Instead, take the thread grid for flowers, or mosquito, cut it into strips. Use a combination of grids of different colors, with different mesh size. On paper cone attach the edge of the tape, soaked in PVA solution with adhesive tape or pins. Top lubricate the glue on the brush grid.

Step 5:

Each layer of decorative Christmas trees bundle the pins to the rigid grid is not lost form. After drying of one layer, attach to it the next. As in the first embodiment, the manufacture of home-made Christmas tree, fix electrical garland inside.

Step 6:

To your New Year's toy purchased festive glitter, use a chain of small glittering ornaments, which hang outside the frame of the grid. Perfectly suited for this golden bells, silver snowflakes or colorful shariki.Takie original handmade Christmas trees decorate the holiday table or any other place in the room where guests gather and your family to celebrate the New Year.