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How to make a Christmas tree with his hands out candy

Christmas tree - an indispensable attribute of the New Year holiday. You can buy a beautiful living on holidays markets may be purchased in hypermarkets artificial fir. And it is possible, together with the family, to make a Christmas tree with his hands. A small Christmas tree of candy can be a wonderful addition to the New Year's table.

How to make a Christmas tree with his hands out candy

You will need:

- thick cardboard; - 500g of candy in bright packaging; - Old Christmas fluffy rain; - A small plastic star for the top of the head; - Toothpick; - Sided adhesive tape; - Glue; - A pair of scissors; - Line.

Instruction how to make a Christmas tree with his hands out candy

Step 1:

Creating a tree starts with the basics. To do this, take the cardboard and cut out of it a large semicircle. It should be wrapped in a cone and glue the edges with glue. The bottom of the cone should be cut into large strips and bend it on the outside. Now cut a circle-base. He must converge at the edges with bent straws

Step 2:

When the base and taper are ready, they need to stick together. But first to design better stability in the cone needs to be attached or some cloth or small soft toy. After the New Year holidays, as soon as the candies will be eaten, the toy will be easy to reach by cutting a cone.

Step 3:

Now you need to make base adhesive. To do this, double-sided tape winding cone. The protective film on the second side should be immediately removed.

Step 4:

Begins Christmas tree ornament with its crown. Asterisk need to stick to the glue and a toothpick inserted into a small hole, which had been formed by twisting the cone. To splice site was not visible at the upper edge of the cone should be pasted rain.

Step 5:

Now, row by row will paste the Christmas tree. Circles need to be alternated. For example, the lowest round of the rain will be above of candy, even higher again from the rain. And these series are glued to the top.

Step 6:

Additionally, you can decorate the Christmas tree obtained, sprinkle it with sequins or artificial snow. Additional decoration can be a small Christmas tree and various beads.