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How to make a gift to the Pope for the New Year

In general, choose a gift for men harder than women - they do not like knick-knacks and all pleasant things, happy lady. Of course, the Pope is another matter - gift presented to their child, they are always happy, but I would like it to be really useful.

How to make a gift to the Pope for the New Year

Instruction how to make a gift to the Pope for the new year

Step 1:

Dad - the same man, but according to statistics, they do not like when they are presented with a piggy bank, shaving kits, stuffed toys, greeting cards, photo frames, shower gels, cologne, sweaters and shirts. Men like practical gifts that they can use for many years, such as a good belt for trousers, practical folding knife and the things that they need at the moment. Listen to the conversations of their parents - will be able to quickly resolve the issue with the choice of gift.

Step 2:

If your father is young in body and mind and love to play sports, then go to a sports shop for a Christmas gift for him, for certain sales consultants will advise you what to buy based on the age of your dad's and his preferences. If he loves extreme sports, then give him a parachute jump or other entertainment of the same type, which can be found in your town. Have all of your family and before the New Year Ride in the forest paintball - Men never grow out of the boy's age!

Step 3:

Go to the store, which sells various electronic gadgets - men like fun electronic toys and priborchiki. Father-fisherman to make a gift for the New Year is very simple - it's either some special winter equipment, a warm jacket or gloves of sheepskin, and a stylish flask with a nice hot drink excessive there will be no one, even the summer, fishing!

Step 4:

Your father likes to dig in the country? Excellent! Run to the store for amateur gardeners and take it all the most advanced in this area. Never mind that winter in the yard - itself a foretaste of what it will take all of this with a spring to the country has long celebration and joy. Hockey fans - a ticket to the game, fans of the books - a rare folio, a lover of music - have long wanted the album art lovers - his portrait (this is for all his father's much better than any of the landscape)!

Step 5:

Very exciting experience can be a home brewery for beer lovers - not everyone can boast of frothy drink of own production. Pope on New Year's present to a subscription to the bath for him and his friends. It's a tradition - in a bath with your friends for the New Year! And most importantly - giving even the most trifling gift, do not forget to attach to it all my love and gratitude.