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New Year

How to make a Santa Claus

New Year's Day just around the corner, which means it's time to think about interior design. The main symbol of the New Year in Russia - Santa Claus, so he must be present in every home, even in the form of toys. To do it, you do not need expensive and inaccessible materials. Foam-paper is easy to replace the felt or fabric glue gun on "Titanium" or thick PVA glue and foam balls or plastic homemade Christmas balls.

How to make a Santa Claus

You will need:

- felt and / or foamiran (FOM); - Glue gun; - 2 foam ball; - 3 wooden sticks; - Black marker; - Blush or pastels.

Instruction how to make Santa Claus

Step 1:

For the convenience of working with the ball put it on the glass. Cut the ball in half one - half of 1 becomes the body, the second - stand.

Step 2:

Apply about one-third of the ball foamirana a piece of felt or skin color - it will be a visible part of the face of Santa Claus. This is done to save this shade material, because those who make the dolls, it will all end.

Step 3:

The remaining two-thirds obkleyte any other color. If you are working with foamiranom, heat it with an iron, and immediately pull on the ball. Foamirana If you do not, cut the felt in the sector (as in the peel of an orange or a map of the world on the globe along the meridians). Then he lay down on the ball, without wrinkles.

Step 4:

To make a beard, mustache and hair cut white foamiran or felt into strips and each make an incision across. should get "comb". Fom heat on the soleplate to hair curled.

Step 5:

Apply the hair at the upper end face, beard and mustache - on the bottom.

Step 6:

Make a hat made of red material

Step 7:

Under the neck beard glue - pasted flesh-colored cylinder of foam material. Instead, you can take the lid from a small bottle or jar.

Step 8:

Neck glue to the upper portion of one of the hemispheres.

Step 9:

Make legs plastered them with red material. Stick to the stand and torso.

Step 10:

Came coat of Santa Claus. Here, too, you can do just glue gun, and you can sew a fur coat. In the first case, the sleeves with mittens are glued to the base, in the second case, you can just sew sleeves.

Step 11:

Draw Santa Claus face with a marker or eyeliner. Paint the nose and cheeks blush.

Step 12:

It remains to give a toy in the hands of a staff made of a third wand, and a bag of gifts. And decorate the stand and decorate with a suit and a hat of this hero. All is ready. Now that you know how to make Santa Claus with his hands.