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How to make Christmas gifts with their own hands

New Year's Eve is always full of cares and troubles. In order to have time to choose all gifts, the cause should be taken in advance. Subject selected specifically for the person, taking into account his tastes and preferences - it's nice. But even better to make a gift with their own hands. Anyone who gets such a gift can be sure - he became the owner of the unique things.

How to make Christmas gifts with their own hands

You will need:

- Photo; - Cardboard; - A pair of scissors; - Floral accessories; - Banks of small size; - sweets; - Paper; - a pen; - Foil and lace; - Threads №10; - air balloons; - A pair of scissors; - PVA glue; - Sequins; - Needle; - The dough; - Salt; - Flour; - Gouache; - A small card; - A bottle of champagne or wine.

Instruction how to make Christmas gifts with their own hands

Step 1:

If you want to make a gift to remind you not only indirectly, can do for a friend or relative of a collage of photos. Select digital photos where you are sealed together and print them. You can print your individually and then cut out of the image. Think of the composition, can be humorous. Put your fotodvoynikov where you have never been alone and beat the stage of life. Details glue on cardboard. Decorate collage floral accessories that can be purchased in a specialty store.

Step 2:

Make-wishes gifts. Take the empty cans of jam, marmalade and pr.Tara should be small in size. Remove the label. Thoroughly flush to the glass sparkled and glittered. Inside the jars, place the sweets, cones, small souvenirs, and be sure to put the note with the wishes and optimistic forecasts. Cover with foil wrap or lace. You can arrange the game - let every man will choose a bank with the predictions of a souvenir.

Step 3:

Make a unique Christmas decorations. Take a balloon cotton thread №10. Inflate the balloon to the size of Christmas tree decorations. Before working Dip thread in PVA glue. It is better to choose this kind of fixation as the most secure. This thread, wrap the ball in all directions, to recreate his form. When you're done, stick a needle ball. It will burst, and in your hand textile tree toy remains. Decorate it with sequins and foil. Jewellery glue on the surface with white glue. Make a thread to hang on the Christmas tree ball.

Step 4:

Take the flour, water and salt. Knead a dense mass. Dough Fashion a figurine - a symbol of the year or any other form. You can fashion a favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters. Paint colors obtained doll and bake in the oven. Allow to cool. Such souvenirs can attach a small card with a wish for the New Year.

Step 5:

Buy a bottle of champagne or other fault. Wrap it with foil. On the foil with glue PVA glue floristic accessories, gilded cones, streamers, confetti. Get a nice Christmas gift that can be put on the table or to save before the end of the year or the Old New Year.

How to make Christmas gifts with their own hands