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New Year

How to make Christmas tree

Organization of children's holiday - one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Make sure this is easy. Organize a birthday party for your own baby. Gather the guests, create a festive program (competitions, surprises, entertainment) .If you enjoy the delight of children, you can do more large-scale event, for example, help to organize the Christmas tree in the kindergarten where your child goes.

How to make Christmas tree

You will need:

Materials for decorating the hall and the Christmas tree (colored paper, Christmas ornaments, garlands, ...), sweet gifts for children, merry christmas music, few people artists, a room where everything will happen.

Instruction how to spend the Christmas tree

Step 1:

Prepare a script of celebrating Christmas tree. You can create a story based on some interesting tales to you. And you can write everything from scratch yourself. What matters is that your scripts were positive characters - usually Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden, good beasts of the forest. And negative - you are their list with ease - Baba Yaga, Bag of Bones, wolves, foxes and other fairy-tale characters, famous zlonraviem and cunning. We offer a rough plot for Christmas trees (see. Step 2)

Step 2:

New Year's Eve from the forest trees began to disappear. Wild animals are concerned - how to celebrate New Year without the traditional Christmas tree? A holiday is already so soon! In the forest, there was only one small herringbone. It is clear that to grow up to the New Year it will not have time. Animals go to the forest sorceress for advice - how to make the tree has grown as quickly as possible. Sorceress said she constantly had to sing Christmas songs and read poems. Perform this task will help the beasts of the forest are children who come to the feast. They read poems, will sing songs. Herringbone older. Suddenly it turns out that all the trees in the forest lumberjack chops down an evil and just more increased the Christmas tree he, too, had his eye. Win greedy woodcutter forest beasts helps suddenly appeared Santa Claus. Santa Claus blowing a lumberjack and he turns into an ice sculpture. "When spring comes - lumberjack melted, and while he has time to think about their behavior," - said Father Christmas. Then the celebration of New Year begins, giving gifts, dances and songs.

Step 3:

Decorate with the boys room, which will be held Christmas tree. On the walls, you can stick the colorful garlands, toys, posters with congratulations, etc. Prepare the costumes for performances, they can rent or make themselves. It is necessary to make the screen (from fabric or wood), which will close the first "big" beautifully decorated Christmas tree. When the boys, according to the script, "grow" their songs and poems Christmas tree, the screen will need to be removed (at this point you can pay off the hall light). Thus, the site of a small tree will most elegant Christmas tree.