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New Year

How to meet the New Year with a child having fun

New Year - a holiday favorite of kids. The kids are looking forward to Santa Claus and gifts. Do not limit your visit to the classic children's party with a Christmas tree, arrange a real holiday home in the family. Transform the most magical night of the year in a memorable and fun - easily. The main thing is to stock up on a good mood and show imagination.

How to meet the New Year with a child having fun

Instruction how to celebrate the New Year with a child having fun

Step 1:

To celebrate the New Year with a child having fun and joy, start preparing for it in advance. After waiting for a miracle - the most memorable time. Together with the baby razrisuy Christmas ornaments box, snowflakes, set and dress the Christmas tree. The hands do the ornaments, garlands, prepare small gifts for family and friends. On the eve of the holiday bake cookies, which like in your family. Together with your child cut out the dough using molds figurines and Christmas Characters (Christmas trees, snowmen). Make holes at the top of the figures, and when a cookie will be ready and cool down, insert them in ribbons and ask your child to decorate the Christmas tree.

Step 2:

Arrange masquerade. You can do a lightweight option and cook for family members only for carnival masks. If you have enough time and effort, try to arrange Carnival, which is the laws of the genre. Use your imagination and prepare yourself or buy in the store real Christmas costumes.

Step 3:

Compose and arrange for all the family Christmas games. For example, play the game "Snowball." Make of cotton "snow", or use a white tennis ball. Become in a circle and pass each other the "snowball", saying: "We rolled a snowball as the roll up - heavily! One, two, three, four, five! To perform a song ?! ". Performed wish the one with the last sentence in his hand was "snowball". By the way, in this game you can play in the street. And not to freeze and move more, to modify the last sentence: "You dance dance!".

Step 4:

An important attribute of the New Year's Eve - snowdrifts. Do not sit in front of TV, let each family member will fashion figure in the yard of snow. Bring home a variety of accessories and dress sculpted figures. For example, decorate the Snow Maiden necklace, a garland of tinsel or colored paper, snowman tie up a scarf. Paint the heroes of the New Year colored watercolors.

Step 5:

Do not forget about the children's gifts, waiting in the wings. Barely waking up in the morning, the child will run to look under the Christmas tree. Kids cook better than one big gift and a few small (sweets, different little things). Do not give everything at once, drag the treat. In the morning under the tree - one main gift, after sleeping or walking - the other in the evening - the third. older child draw a card, with which you can look for another gift, moreover, which lies under the tree. In different places apartments arrange caches tips and tasks. To find each the next clue, you need to perform any task. Their complexity will depend on the age of the baby. And only in the last cache found an envelope with a message indicating the place where the hidden gift.