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New Year

How to meet the New Year with family

New Year - one of the most favorite holidays, with the same look forward to both adults and children. This is a magical time when briefly reopened the window into the good tale, and when even the most inveterate skeptics are starting to believe that miracles are possible. It is believed that on how to meet this holiday depends on how will be held the next year, so many think is fun and exciting to celebrate New Year.

How to meet the New Year with family

Instruction how to celebrate the New Year with family

Step 1:

It is not necessary to turn the New Year holiday only in the stomach. Of course, you'll want to cover the festive table, but to distribute their forces so as not to fall down from exhaustion to 12 hours. The process of preparing the holiday feast is better to turn to the joint creation, in which even the smallest members of the family can participate.

Step 2:

Do not think that the New Year in the family can not celebrate as much fun as in the noisy company. To all members of the household I was wondering advance think over the New Year's program. This does not mean that it is necessary to prescribe the precise scenario, but if you turn a holiday into simple gatherings in front of the TV, it is unlikely he will be remembered for a long time. You can make a real masquerade, the benefit is not difficult - you can make your own mask (the simplest option - made of paper) or buy in the near children's shop (in the market), for the costumes fit the old stuff.

Step 3:

Think about organizing some interesting game. You can play a game of "Cow" (gestures to show a word and guess it) or choir sing Christmas songs. By the way, if you and your family love to sing, you can arrange now with the karaoke favorite songs.

Step 4:

If the weather permits, it is very nice New Year's Eve to go outside. You can bring a sled to roll in the snow, build a snow fort and play snowballs. And if you take the street sparklers, the mood will be even more festive. If you decide that in the New Year can not do without "heavy" pyrotechnics (fireworks), be sure to observe the safety precautions to Christmas fun did not lead to unpleasant consequences.

Step 5:

Be sure to be careful with gifts for all family members. They can be beautifully packed in gift paper with colorful bows and quietly lay down under the tree and let everyone guess where it is present. And you can prepare in advance stylized boots or bags for gifts and hang them in different places apartments, and then search for the New Year of gifts turn into an exciting game.

Step 6:

Think of all the good things that have brought you the outgoing year and leave in the past all the sorrows and tribulations. Try this night to find the right words for all households, to forgive all past grievances and be glad that you have each other. After the New Year with your family - it's not only fun, it is also very warm and comfortable holiday. The most important thing that is required of you - this is a good mood and the desire to turn the holiday into a fun and fairy tale. So try not to get irritated and do not be nervous, even if there is something you do not have time or if something goes wrong.