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New Year

How to prepare your child a Christmas tree for the New Year

Children perceive the New Year as part of the miracle. And, to New Year's miracle happened to all of his canons, you will have a good think about New Year event. Try to use as many elements of the theme of the holiday.

How to prepare your child a Christmas tree for the New Year

You will need:

Paper, Pen, costumes, music.

Instruction how to prepare children for the new year tree

Step 1:

The most important and essential attribute of this holiday - very green beauty. Take the tree can own, received a license for felling. There is another option - buy it on the Christmas tree market. If you are an environmentalist, buy an artificial tree. Money for the purchase must be included in the amount you want to spend a holiday. After installing the decoration fir Stump the most representative of the conifers and the hall for the celebration. This task is entrusted to the participants of the festival, the children like a hobby.

Step 2:

Invent holiday scenario, starting from the age of the participants. Young children should not confuse a complex plot and include lots of outdoor games. The older the children, the "more fun" may be a joke in the script. If you come up with their own characters and words does not work, refer to collections with options for celebrations or climb up to the Internet. After preparing distribute roles and spend a few rehearsals, pick costumes and make-up (if needed). Take care of the musical accompaniment, turn in the track list is not only songs about winter and the New Year, but also simple catchy songs as background to the games. Certain tracks and need to refer to the output of each character.

Step 3:

Also, you need a person who in time will include all the songs. He must be present at the rehearsals. It is advisable to work with microphones, because it is sometimes difficult to shout the crowd of children. Take time on the hardware configuration for each participant individually celebrations.

Step 4:

Inform about the event in advance by pasting advertisements, radio alarm and more. Specify the exact time and place of the celebration. Think of who will greet children and arrange them around the Christmas tree. Further work on the written script, and if something goes wrong, as intended, - improvise!