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How to quickly dry the oranges for decoration

Gala smell the coming of the New Year, according to tradition, is the smell of citrus. But they, like all fresh fruit rot. To create and maintain long holiday mood, they can be dried. Dried slices of orange or lemon - it's not just a storehouse of vitamins, but also an excellent material for creative work.

How to quickly dry the oranges for decoration

Instruction how quickly dried oranges for decoration

Step 1:

Select the store oranges and lemons average. Well, if the skin on fruits thin - after drying will look neat. Inspect them for decay, broken or frostbitten sides. Houses rinse thoroughly under running water citrus, dry cloth. Cut the oranges into slices with a thickness of not less than five millimeters. But do not overdo it with the thickness. Oranges are more than a centimeter long time to dry.

Step 2:

There are several ways of drying citrus. Each uses one that is convenient to him. The first way - is drying oranges in the oven. This method can quickly dry the fruit, but you need to constantly monitor the process. The method consists in the fact that sliced ​​oranges, lemons and grapefruit are placed on parchment paper on a baking postelennuyu. Lay on a baking sheet at once is not recommended, because the fruit can firmly stick to it. All this is put in the oven for three hours at 200º. Do not forget to constantly turn the fruit, otherwise they prosushatsya unevenly. Disadvantages of this method - the constant surveillance of the oven and bend slices of fruit. Due to water evaporation citrus "leads". This will prevent, if you want to use oranges to decorate greeting cards, boxes, jewelry. If you want to add them to tea, the taste of their appearance will not be affected.

Step 3:

The second way longer. For this method, cut fruits stacked between two cartons and fixed pegs. Billets gently pokes between the batteries and "forget" them for 2-3 days. Drying time depends on how finely you cut oranges. Plus this method is that you do not need to constantly monitor the oranges and flip the workpiece. Drying in this way leaves the fruit flat, beautiful and bright.

Step 4:

After drying, the need to carefully remove the fruit with parchment or cardboard. Adherent slices gently pry out the tip of a knife to release them. Remember that the dried citrus slices brittle and fragile. Store them in a dry place you need to put in a paper bag.

Step 5:

Dried oranges and lemons are often used in the New Year composition with fir branches, rowan berries or cinnamon. Slices of citrus can be seen in as Christmas tree decorations or as decorations on cards, gift bags, bottles. They are added to tea, in strong drinks, at soap and handmade candles. They are decorated with Christmas wreaths and bouquets. They are also great for repelling midges and cats from favorite indoor plants.