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New Year

How to set the table for the New Year

New Year - a reason to please loved ones favorite delicacies and festive serving. How to lay the table for the new year, following the traditions of Russian and European standards serving festive event, consider further.

How to set the table for the New Year

Instruction how to set the table for the new year

Step 1:

Cover the table festive white cloth with lace. Then prepare the tableware. Best of all, when all the dishes is sustained in the same style - so take care of the final set of china ware in an amount up to 12 people (more is better than less - guests have the feature of sudden appearance on the threshold of the apartment). Arrange the dishes on the table at an equal distance from each other. First, arrange the bowls, they put the snack plates, and near very little for dessert. Cutlery should be as much as you want to cook dishes that one plate for salads and snacks, and the second for the second dishes - roast with side dishes, for example. Therefore, the left side of the plates, place a few forks, and on the right a few knives with different tip for cutting meat or fish. Knives should be turned to the edge of the plate. The instrument should be used, starting from the extreme to the most proximal to the plate. Put the inside plate beautifully folded napkins in the shape of a triangle or a fan. Also, put a few glasses, depending on which option you have alcoholic beverages. For cognac - a glass with a low foot, the water - a simple glass of champagne - a nice narrow wine glass on a long thin stalk.

Step 2:

Food. Usually I try to prepare dishes for the new year according to the "preferences", the character who comes. So in the year of the rabbit should not be used in the New Year's Eve roast with crackling carcass rabbit or hare - the symbol of the year would be offended. Look in magazines, on the Internet than the astrologers advised to entertain guests under the chiming clock. For example, in the year of the cock, must be on the table to have a handful of nuts, sweet grains, seeds, etc. Since the year will be fruitful for the family financially.

Step 3:

New Year's accessories. To give the table a New Year mood, spread around the table in the center of spruce branches with cones, and two large candlesticks, painted tinsel (refer to tinsel not caught fire from a candle). Also put on the table a figure personifying symbol of the year and next to each dish, pour into small bags of sweet treats from Santa Claus.