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New Year

How to spend December 31

New Year - a holiday that excites all of us. It is to him we are always ready and do not spare money for his organization, because everyone knows "How to celebrate New Year, so spend it." New Year is one of those holidays that allows to reveal the character of the nation, its customs and rituals. Most celebrating the New Year at home, with family and friends, but you can do that every year was not boring and monotonous?

How to spend December 31

Instruction how to spend December 31

Step 1:

You can make a "pajama" party, invite guests, dressed in pajamas (or other household clothing). Minimum stiffness will allow you to make a minimum of effort to the choice of attire, but the holiday house and will provide you comfort.

Step 2:

Ask each guest to bring the "desire" in the envelope. It can be "easy" (For example: to make a toast, jump and sing a song), but can be global (for example, to buy a car, have a child, and so on). Envelopes and mix throughout the evening let guests in turn take out one envelope, read their wishes and fulfill his pledge. Laughter is a lot - it is checked.

Step 3:

And why not go outside and shout? In Japan there is a tradition: to dump the accumulated stress in this way, there you are, not only that reset the negative and strained, but the Christmas and dial frosty energy. . (Cry - do not necessarily shout possible simply to proclaim in a loud voice: "I love you people!" or "Happy New Year, good people! Be happy!". For such a cry you certainly not held accountable for the violation of citizens' rest).

Step 4:

Discard the traditional cuisine. Prepare dishes from other cuisines, such as Spanish, Hungarian, Norwegian. Surprise guests, Rejoice yourself. Connect your imagination to its fullest. In any case, guests will be interesting to try something new than to settle for traditional and order bored Olivier ...

Step 5:

It will be boring if everyone would just raise their glasses and impose endless food. Organize competitions and quizzes. For example, divide the guests into two teams, each choose the girl who will be a "model", by order of the master in a few minutes the team needs the most fun to dress the girl. Then you can evaluate and take a picture, and then it will be necessary "model" strip - of course, also at the time, who all quickly removed, and he won, but not overdo it, leave the girl what she was wearing.

Step 6:

Noting the New Year, do not forget that in front of you morning, which can bring a headache, therefore please think over several options how to cheer. It can be charged in the fresh air, and make it more fun, let it organizes the one who drank the least, it is unlikely that anyone would want to stay after that the most sober. In general, connect the imagination and have fun!