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How to take good care of nature

water and air pollution, reducing areas of fertile land, the destruction of the ozone layer and other environmental problems can not be solved alone. But take good care of nature can and must individual. To save the world, adhere to the principle of personal responsibility.

How to take good care of nature

Instruction how to take good care of nature

Step 1:

Not sorite in parks and forests, leave fewer traces of their stay. If everyone is throwing bottles, bags, etc. After a holiday in nature, the planet is covered with debris quickly. When navigating long distances by land or water transport, do not throw out the window plastic cups, paper and so on. Collect unnecessary in a single package, and then dispose of in designated areas where the garbage disposal.

Step 2:

Feed the birds and animals in severe winters or in drought, they may die. Make feeders - so to save part of the animal world.

Step 3:

Do not take too much from nature. If you collect mushrooms or berries, act so that in a year they have grown up in this place again. Unfortunately, people are coming up with ingenious devices for the rapid collection of forest crops. At the same time it damages the roots of plants.

Step 4:

Do not make noise in the woods, do not disturb the balance of nature. When going on nature, be more listeners than witty speaker. Perhaps the company wants to show itself, and for this more quiet. Imagine that you are a guest, and the animals and birds - the home territory. Do not frighten them with music, shouting, unnecessary shots.

Step 5:

Protect natural resources, not spend it recklessly. Change habits that harm to others - for example, refuse to put the house on New Year's live Christmas tree. If you have done so many, decrease demand, then there will be no supply in the market.

Step 6:

Replenish spent before anyone else - Plant trees, clean water reservoirs, etc.

Step 7:

Prevent possible violations in the nature - for example, plant trees along the banks of a small ravine to the past is not expanded.

Step 8:

Learn to take good care of items that may constitute a danger to the environment. These include flame sources oleaginous fluid, etc. You must know how to act in difficult cases.

Step 9:

Join the community association for the protection of the environment, then you are able to participate in public events, and your contribution will be strengthened by common efforts.

Step 10:

Teach children the principles of careful handling with nature. So you take care not only about the present but about the future.