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New Year

It is easy to make Pomander

Pomander neotemlennoy are part of the New Year. They smell feast: fresh citrus scent with a subtle hint of spice. This decoration will give you all the guests and the mood of the coming miracle. To produce them is very simple.

It is easy to make Pomander

You will need:

Tangerines and oranges, cloves

Instruction how easy it is to make Pomander

Step 1:

Select in-store or mandarin oranges, about the same size. Better to take small, they look neat. Look, that was not rotten areas such because the fruit does not last long. Houses rinse thoroughly and dry.

Step 2:

In the seasoning department take the bag of cloves, but rather several. Houses pour a bag on the table and select the beautiful, not the broken parts of cloves. They can be washed under running water and leave to dry on a table.

Step 3:

Mandarin orange or an awl or knife for cleaning vegetables swipe strips, making simple pattern. As can draw a spiral pattern across the surface of the fruit, or a pair of strips in the middle, or vertical line upward. Do not push hard on the skin, but only remove the zest. Juice of a tangerine flow should not.

Step 4:

Then start to stick the cloves in the pattern at regular intervals. Seasoning absorbed citrus juice and will release their odors. In some areas, you can not use the cloves and leave a white pattern, without peel. It's quite hard work, but it is not complicated. Entrust decoration mandarins children, they will like.

Step 5:

Such decoration is pleasant to smell, giving all the Christmas mood. Pomander can be scatter on the table in a random order among New Year's dishes. And you can put them in a glass vase with fir branches and place the vases in different rooms. Pomander is also possible to tie a beautiful golden ribbon and hang on the Christmas tree. And added to the cinnamon stick it will bring into the house the smell of comfort.