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New Year's Eve alone

According to psychologists, the feeling of loneliness in people increases several times before the holidays. According to statistics, 3% of the population spend New Year's Eve alone. The percentage is small, however, this place can be you. It seems to be native there, and friends, and colleagues. But on holiday for some reason, you're left all alone. At this point you start feeling sorry for yourself, feel abandoned. ... Although, on second thought, it is terrible New Year alone, as they say.

New Year's Eve alone

Instruction New Year Alone

Step 1:

In fact, nothing wrong with that. It's just one night, but not a lifetime. And you can spend a very fun, though, and alone.

Step 2:

Before we analyze the different options for the New Year, think about it: why are you alone?

Step 3:

Perhaps because at the moment you do not have a partner and you live alone. All your friends / girlfriends the New Year with their families, and ask for it to visit them very uncomfortable. After New Year's - a family celebration.

Step 4:

But look at it another way. Loneliness - it is more a state of mind, rather than the absence of the required environment.

Step 5:

For example, friends invite you to a celebration of courtesy, and you feel at ease. Especially when all the pairs have come up with and you need to kiss as if on cue, as soon as the clock strikes 12. And you will sit alone and in silence to watch this celebration of love a stranger. Surely, you would not be very fun. Your loneliness will be with you even in a place where a lot of people. Maybe it's time to part with it?

Step 6:

You give in to sad emotions, cheat yourself to all night to think about what you are lonely and miserable. In addition, under the influence of alcoholic beverages only psychological state is deteriorating and it ends sobs, calls to friends, saying, "you have fun without me ?!", after which the morning will still be ashamed and sad.

Step 7:

It is not necessary to treat the New Year alone as something terrible. The coming year - this is an opportunity to change something in my life, after all depends on you! Today you celebrate the New Year alone, and the next year you will have a family and a house full of guests.

Step 8:

A few tips on how to celebrate the New Year alone Enjoy the loneliness. Learn to love yourself! I sincerely rejoice in the company of beautiful and interesting person (you). Buy your holiday gifts. Buy what long dreamed of, treat yourself to a loved one! Decorate a Christmas tree, light garlands, put presents under the tree. Cover with a festive table with great food, turn on your favorite music, put on festive attire. Write on paper your desires and plans for next year. Put it in an empty bottle, close and clean up next year. In this way, you will know that from the wish to make in your list. Call your friends and family, congratulate them on the New Year, tell them kind words. In response, you will hear the same thing, and it is unlikely at this point you will feel a sense of loneliness.

Step 9:

Go on vacation. Here everything is simple. Purchase tourist permit, a visa and fly to a warm country or ski resort. Before the New Year to all travel agencies offer special promotions. It will be even more fun if you go with a group! You can get acquainted with the Christmas traditions of other countries, and celebrate the holiday in a new environment with a great impression.

Step 10:

Visit the restaurant. It is the most popular way to get rid of loneliness in the New Year's Eve! Make a beautiful makeup, hair, put on your best clothes and go to the restaurant on the night Many restaurants prepare to New Year's Eve entertainment program with an exquisite menu. This is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere, talk, dance and eat delicious.

Step 11:

New Year in the company of people. Many people are tired of sitting at the banquet table in front of a TV. They therefore seeks to go even in the freezing cold outside. And you do not sit at home. Wear something warm and go celebrate the New Year on the right area of ​​your city. There are people with a squeal and ride the roller coaster, lead dances and sing Christmas songs. There hovers the spirit of fun and festive bustle, and you can not stand on the sidelines and miss.