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New Year
How To Meet The New Year With A Child Having Fun

How to meet the New Year with a child having fun

New Year - a holiday favorite of kids. The kids are looking forward to Santa Claus and gifts. Do not limit your visit to the classic children's party with a Christmas tree, arrange a real holiday home in the family. Transform the most magical night of the year in a…

New Year
How To Celebrate New Year Northeast

How to celebrate New Year northeast

In China not celebrate the change of the year, and getting rid of the bad luck and the coming of spring. The traditions of this day come from the ancient legend of the terrible huge dragon. This mythical beast on the first night of spring crawled out of their caves to eat as many people…

New Year
What To Cook For New Year'S Table

What to cook for New Year's table

To learn what to cook for New Year's table, you should consider in advance. Create a menu included in the list of all the products to be sure that all will suffice. In the year of the Red Fire Monkey it is important that the holiday table was varied. Therefore it is better to…

New Year
What Welcome Year Of The Monkey

What welcome Year of the Monkey

In order to meet the new 2016 with dignity and like a symbol of the year - the Fire Monkey requires thorough approach to the choice of clothes. It is recommended to give preference to the red, brown, orange, red-haired, golden, yellow, pearl and chocolate color. These shades are suitable for both women and men.…

New Year
How To Set The Table For The New Year

How to set the table for the New Year

New Year - a reason to please loved ones favorite delicacies and festive serving. How to lay the table for the new year, following the traditions of Russian and European standards serving festive event, consider further.

Instruction how to set the table for the new year

Step 1:

Cover the table festive white…

New Year
5 Tips For Choosing A Christmas Tree For The New Year

5 Tips for Choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year

If you have not bought the main attribute of the New Year, it's time to do it, using 5 simple tips!

Decide on the size. It will depend on how much you are willing to take place under the tree. If the size of the room allows, and you want…
New Year
How To Make A Christmas Decoration Made Of Paper With His Own Hands

How to make a Christmas decoration made of paper with his own hands

There comes a new year and we are already preparing for the holiday decorations. Make a beautiful Christmas toy can be very simple paper. New Year's Eve ball can be decorated with very colorful and varied from scrap materials.

You will need:

- water - PVA glue - paper…

New Year
What The Children Are Asking Santa Claus In 2015

What the children are asking Santa Claus in 2015

Every New Year Santa Claus Mail Service receives thousands of letters from children and adults. Each - their own history and the request for the present. Service Specialists publish an annual list of the most desired young Russians items and toys. Once upon a time it was a rocking horse and balls.…

New Year
How To Quickly Dry The Oranges For Decoration

How to quickly dry the oranges for decoration

Gala smell the coming of the New Year, according to tradition, is the smell of citrus. But they, like all fresh fruit rot. To create and maintain long holiday mood, they can be dried. Dried slices of orange or lemon - it's not just a storehouse of vitamins, but also an excellent material…

New Year
It Is Easy To Make Pomander

It is easy to make Pomander

Pomander neotemlennoy are part of the New Year. They smell feast: fresh citrus scent with a subtle hint of spice. This decoration will give you all the guests and the mood of the coming miracle. To produce them is very simple.

You will need:

Tangerines and oranges, cloves

Instruction how easy it is to make Pomander


New Year
How To Make A Santa Claus

How to make a Santa Claus

New Year's Day just around the corner, which means it's time to think about interior design. The main symbol of the New Year in Russia - Santa Claus, so he must be present in every home, even in the form of toys. To do it, you do not need expensive and inaccessible materials. Foam-paper is…

New Year
Why Celebrate Old New Year

Why celebrate Old New Year

Celebration of Old New Year has become a tradition for the Russians. More often than not celebrate it, gathered a narrow circle of friends and relatives for the holiday table. When and why did this holiday originate?

Old New Year originated with the change of chronology. The fact that the celebration of the New Year January…

New Year
How To Spend A Happy New Year

How to spend a happy New Year

New Year - a holiday that is loved by children and adults, because the smell of trees and mandarin oranges in every home comes the real miracle. Therefore, all very much that a magic Christmas night was really fun and bright, and remember for a long time.

Instruction how to spend a happy new…

New Year
How To Celebrate New Year In A Train

How to celebrate New Year in a train

As a general rule, meet in a train at New Year's Eve people who consciously decide to spend this time in a way little chance. Usually these are people who have not been able to leave earlier, or simply go to the New Year holidays. Someone did not have enough tickets or draw…

New Year
How Fun To Celebrate New Year In The Village

How fun to celebrate New Year in the village

If you had the opportunity to meet New Year's Eve in the village, then in any case, do not miss this opportunity. There is nothing more delightful than tired of the bustle of the city, to plunge into the quiet country life with fresh air and wooden houses. Just try to prepare…

New Year
How To Meet The New Year With A Girl

How to meet the New Year with a girl

New Year - a holiday favorite of all. Everyone greets him in different ways - in the family, in the noisy company of friends, and someone with my girlfriend. And of course, I want to make this holiday special and unforgettable.

Instruction how to celebrate the New Year with a girl

Step 1:…

New Year
How To Organize The Delivery Of The Boss A Gift

How to organize the delivery of the boss a gift

The selection and presentation of gifts boss - non-standard office situation where not everyone knows how to behave correctly. Selecting the right gift, presenting the composition of, and the time for delivery - the key to the success of your venture.

Instruction how to organize the delivery of the boss a…

New Year
How To Spend The New Year With Family

How to spend the New Year with family

Many believe that the New Year is better to meet in a circle of close friends. Closer own family company did not come up. And if you have children, sometimes this option is the only or one of the best. The main rule for the celebration of the New Year - that was…

New Year
How To Make Christmas Crafts With Their Hands

How to make Christmas crafts with their hands

The long autumn and winter evenings are simply created for needlework. Why not try something new instead of the usual knitting or embroidery? For example, start to produce Christmas crafts. The joint work of children can be involved - it will be very interesting, and work with holiday souvenirs will be enough for…

New Year
How To Spend The New Year With Friends

How to spend the New Year with friends

Who decided to celebrate the New Year in a big group of friends, who will certainly have fun and memorable. To your party memorable for a lifetime, you need to prepare a little bit to it all together, consider some of its nuances and prepare the house to receive the noisy company, if…

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