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New Year
What Is The

What "Oriental New Year"

According to the Gregorian calendar, the New Year begins on January 1st. And it marks the arrival of most of the world. But there is another date of beginning of the year, the calculation of which is tied to the lunar cycle. This so-called eastern New Year, celebrated on Chinese traditions.

Instruction that is "Oriental New Year"


New Year
The Ball Of Paper: Simple And Refined Decoration For The New Year

The ball of paper: simple and refined decoration for the New Year

Christmas ball made of paper - it's simple and beautiful Christmas decoration that you can do with your child. Despite the ease of manufacturing, paper balls look very elegant and stylish as an integral part in the festive interior of the apartment.

In order to make balls of paper,…

New Year
How To Congratulate The New Year In Prose

How to congratulate the New Year in prose

New Year - perhaps the most long-awaited holiday. In the months prior to this event people prepare for it, pick up gifts, sign postcards that no one is forgotten and each house was Christmas atmosphere. In principle, you can hand over the gifts and the duty the words "Congratulations." But to your attention…

New Year
How To Meet The New Year With A Small Child

How to meet the New Year with a small child

It is said that both meet the coming year - so spend it. A small child in the family - not a reason for young parents refused fun. Of course, families with infants, have some limit yourself. Child older can be included in the general merriment and organize something interesting for…

New Year
How To Meet The New Year In Kiev

How to meet the New Year in Kiev

Pressing issues on the eve of the New Year is "how and where to celebrate." There are several options for a fun and successful of the New Year's Eve in Kiev. This is worth thinking about in advance and choose the way of the New Year.

Instruction how to celebrate the New…

New Year
How To Organize The New Year'S Holiday

How to organize the New Year's holiday

New Year - the most wonderful holiday, all familiar from childhood. To his meeting start to prepare in advance, thinking through every detail to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale for children and adults who are not averse to once again feel like the kids and get a gift from Santa Claus.


New Year
How To Celebrate New Year

How to celebrate New Year

New Year for many people is the most beloved and magical holiday. Even adults in the New Year night waiting for a miracle, and believe in the fairy tale. Therefore, I want to meet a year of fun and interesting.

Instruction how to celebrate the New Year

Step 1:

The festive night go to the town square,…

New Year
How To Surprise Your Favorite New Year

How to surprise your favorite New Year

Christmas gift that you will prepare for the beloved, better than any words to tell about your feelings and attitude towards it. Amazing surprises (ie there are surprises that surprise) should call her smile, a storm of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. Gala Dinner with New Year's champagne, ordered in the refined restaurant or…

New Year
How To Celebrate New Year In The Army

How to celebrate New Year in the army

New Year in the army to meet the solemn can not please everyone. Because those officers and soldiers who are on duty in this festive night, remain out of work. The most that they manage - is to listen to the president of the grand treatment, and again Motherland Calls! A feast for…

New Year
How To Choose A New Year'S Gift

How to choose a New Year's gift

New Year - a time when adults begin to believe again in the tale. And for the loved ones of people would like to choose a magical gift that necessarily have to taste and appreciate them. However, among the diversity of the New Year to find that unique gift not necessary and just.


New Year
How To Decorate A Dress For New Year

How to decorate a dress for New Year

An essential attribute of the New Year's Eve is a Christmas tree, decorated with bright, colorful garlands and balloons. Also, when the New Year it is imperative to take care of your finery. The dress, of course, must conform to the surrounding atmosphere of the holiday.

You will need:

beads, ribbons, brooches, Glitter nail…

New Year
How To Submit A Santa Claus

How to submit a Santa Claus

New Year's celebration leaves no one indifferent, and especially children. The child needed belief in miracles. Give your child the opportunity to find yourself in a magical world, tell him about Father Frost, Snow Maiden and about their good deeds.

Instruction how to present Santa Claus

Step 1:

Kid 2 -3 years is enough to imagine…

New Year
How To Explain What The New Year

How to explain what the New Year

Outside the end of December, all the fuss, buying presents, decorating the Christmas tree, hanging on the street a large poster "Happy New Year!". Suddenly your little surprise asks: "And what is the New Year?". And the parents at some point lost, because it is so simple and the well-known notion that no one…

New Year
How To Congratulate A Man On New Year

How to congratulate a man on New Year

Fluffy snow, light frost, the mixture of the wonderful smells of tangerines and fragrant spruce - all this magical holiday the New Year! Almost all look forward to it, believe in miracles, make a wish, a chiming clock eating 12 slices of mandarin, and are confident that their wish will be granted. And…

New Year
How To Congratulate Staff On New Year

How to congratulate staff on New Year

In the autumn before each manager the question arises of staff: how to hold the office New Year's Eve? Depending on the company's budget and from the staff, you can arrange a corporate party, leave the city or just beautiful to congratulate employees.

Instruction how to congratulate employees happy new year

Step 1:

In most…

New Year
How To Send A Postcard To Your Phone

How to send a postcard to your phone

Send letters and postcards in the mail - it is the last century. Today, most people use the internet for this purpose and a telephone. Especially because in the network there is a sufficient number of sites with a huge choice of holiday greetings. MMC with a bright picture sure to please your…

New Year
How To Congratulate Her Friend A Happy New Year

How to congratulate her friend a Happy New Year

On New Year's decided to congratulate not only relatives and children, but also good friends. Even if you can not meet, girlfriend still to be congratulated, as getting the kind words and wishes gifts love all people without exception. Your touching words or written on the card should come from the heart…

New Year
How To Decorate A Table For New Year

How to decorate a table for New Year

One of the most popular and large-scale events - the New Year - is complete without a wide feast. In this magical night I want the holiday table look unusual and memorable.

Instruction how to decorate a table for the new year

Step 1:

Decide with whom you will celebrate the New Year -…

New Year
What To Wear On New Year'S Eve

What to wear on New Year's Eve

In order to nothing clouded holiday, a woman needs to know that she looks great. A New Year's Eve wants to be the most elegant, because as you meet this holiday, and will be held next year.

In order to not only your outfit adorned you, but also brought good luck, choose clothes, focusing…

New Year
How To Make A New Year'S Celebration

How to make a New Year's celebration

For children New Year is associated with signs and gifts. But with each passing year of this wonderful holiday and tarnish increasingly reduced to an ordinary feast with alcohol and salad. But sometimes she wants to regain a sense of magic.

Instruction how to make a New Year's celebration

Step 1:

Dress up the Christmas…

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