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New Year

The scenario of the New Year for children

Try to make the New Year's Eve has become a real fairy tale for your kids. Take the New Year's toys, cook the pieces of wool, scraps of fabrics, stained-glass water-based paints and beautiful wrapping paper. Plus a bit of fantasy, and the apartment will turn into a fantastic country.

The scenario of the New Year for children Preparing in advance

The kids will be happy to make colorful garlands, decorating the room the Christmas tinsel. And to get it even more interesting, accompanied by action fun story or poem.

Make a New Year calendar. To do this, cut from white paper as lacy snowflakes, how many days until the New Year. Write them on the number and hang in the children's room. Every day the toddler will be cut for one snowflake and visualize how to close a long-awaited holiday.

Santa Claus is coming!

Does the home of the hero of the New Year holiday, you decide. But keep in mind that a very small child may be afraid of a large uncle with a loud voice. Therefore, if your daughter or son is still very small, even Santa Claus will be in your home is in the form of toys.

For the year-old children can be invited to visit only Snow White, which will play and hold a dance, and present a gift crumbs. But for older kids already and can invite Father Frost and the Snow Maiden together. And then your baby will be a long time to believe in miracles. In any case, in order to prepare for the New Year baby guest, read him stories about Santa Claus, show cartoons. And prepare for the "grandpa" gift in the form of a poem, song or dance.

We get gifts

If you are invited to the home of Santa Claus, then it is clear - the gifts he brings. And if not? How to give a welcome surprise for crumbs? You can pack a nice toy and put under the Christmas tree or Christmas boot. And it is possible to further create an atmosphere of fairy tales, the emergence beat present in the house and in a different way ...

"Magic package." Hold a gift in the refrigerator or on the balcony, because it "would bring" Santa Claus! Distract the child's attention, put the gift on the doorstep, snowing (it is possible to take from the windowsill), and call on the door. Baby will run open and see the hotel from the good wizard.

"Wonderful exchange". All nice to receive gifts, and to Santa Claus as well. Prepare with toddler surprise for my grandfather with his own hands. Place it under the Christmas tree in a nice box. And in the morning ... in the morning he disappeared out of the box! But it will be a gift for the baby. Magic, and more!

"Who was here?" As long as the child is sleeping, put a gift on the windowsill, and the next place the most unusual button or red embroidered glove. You can even pour snow and outline a large footprint on the boots. Kid guess at once, who came to visit him at night!

Fun to be around

If the New Year have gathered a lot of guests, arrange a game Masquerade. Prepare the masks of animals and Christmas decorations. Divide the children role. Place the tree in front of a basket with various items, including Christmas decorations. It sounds cheerful music. Leading reads a poem, for example, Gurina "New Year's Eve in the forest", "zveryata" listen attentively and decorate the Christmas tree in accordance with the instructions, and the others clap their hands.

New Year's concert

Younger guests certainly prepared for the holiday poem, an interesting dance or a Christmas song. Have adult guests to take their seats in the "auditorium" and applause the young artists.

And you can give the children rattles prepared in advance and explain the rules of the game: when a song sounds, let it ring out loudly and in unison. But as soon as the music stops, you have to hide behind a rattle. And Santa Claus will be to look for them, and for this he asks the children to show him the first one, then the other arm. Children behind gently shift the rattle from one hand to the other, as if to show that nothing in his hand. This should not rattle sound. Santa Claus surprised that rattles disappeared. Then all actions are repeated. Fantasy, good humor and a bit of magic will do the most wonderful New Year holiday for kids.