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What the children are asking Santa Claus in 2015

Every New Year Santa Claus Mail Service receives thousands of letters from children and adults. Each - their own history and the request for the present. Service Specialists publish an annual list of the most desired young Russians items and toys. Once upon a time it was a rocking horse and balls. Now times have changed - the first places very different characters.

What the children are asking Santa Claus in 2015

Instruction that asking children at Santa Claus in 2015

Step 1:

Three most desirable gifts for 2015, compiled by more than 150 thousand letters, looks like: tablets, laptops, smartphones. To many it may seem predictable. Indeed, today's children and young people are very keen on mobile devices. But in the last year ranking the top ranks attended dolls Barbie and Bratz. Why is such a quick change of interest is unclear.

Step 2:

The second three, from 4th to 6th place, is launching a new iPhone 6. The authority of the "apple smartphone" falls. Further there are digital cameras. It bought the older girls and boys. And behind them mp3-players. Also the usual schoolboy attribute.

Step 3:

Fans of Lego designers will appreciate that it is not forgotten in the list of gifts at No. 7. But the fact that pets this year are in the last place, on the contrary, upset. Our children are easier to communicate with mobile phones than with living beings.