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What to cook for New Year's table

To learn what to cook for New Year's table, you should consider in advance. Create a menu included in the list of all the products to be sure that all will suffice. In the year of the Red Fire Monkey it is important that the holiday table was varied. Therefore it is better to make large quantities of food, but to a lesser extent each.

What to cook for New Year's table

Monkey loves the good life. Preference is it gives not only delicious, but also natural food.

In the coming holiday it is important to lay the table nicely and serve dishes that are different unusual taste and shape.

The table can be beautifully decorate with ribbons and beautiful cloths. Excellent on the table will look Christmas composition. Balls, tinsel, glitter - that's what you like monkey. Supplement the serving can be selected to match the tablecloths candles.

Note dishes. Use the best plates and cutlery. Beautiful vases for fruits and candies, elegant candle holders and napkin holders, all this, of course, will delight Monkey.



Without a doubt, the Monkey will appreciate the variety of salads and light snacks, made from fresh ingredients. Decorate the dish can be a lot of greenery.

As a treat, as well as decorations, use products that have a color element of fire. Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, carrots, tangerines perfectly suited for this.

Monkey famous sweet tooth, therefore please think over an interesting desserts. Always on the table should be fruits, especially bananas.

With regard to alcoholic beverages, it is not necessary to be zealous in this matter. Monkey does not like drunks.