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New Year

What welcome Year of the Monkey

In order to meet the new 2016 with dignity and like a symbol of the year - the Fire Monkey requires thorough approach to the choice of clothes. It is recommended to give preference to the red, brown, orange, red-haired, golden, yellow, pearl and chocolate color. These shades are suitable for both women and men.

What welcome Year of the Monkey

Coming up outfit to celebrate the New Year, it is necessary to combine extravagance and perfection. Observe the main condition: to create a vivid image. Girls can get their old heirlooms and wear evening dress with bare shoulders and back.

Several ready-made images for example:

• wearing a red dress, you need to choose the color of gold accessories. This may be a hairpin, clutch and shoes;

• chocolate-colored dress will look good with a beige handbag and shoes of the same color. Doing make-up, emphasis should be placed on the lips or eyes;

• on the girls with dark skin will look original combination of yellow dress with white shoes (or gold);

• The combination of a golden dress suit bag and shoes Flesh Tone;

• a long orange dress can be supplemented with make-up with emphasis on the eyes, lipstick and choose a neutral color;

• To get the enchanting effect, you need to supplement your outfit fur bolero;

• shirt on a man should be in tone dress his lady, and the jacket is best to choose a fitted;

• selecting an image for your red color, you should know that it is very catchy, so you should not burden the brightness range of accessories and make-up provocative;

• for those who prefer to wear hats, you can add to your image white hat, suitable for addition in the tone of her purse.

New Year's manicure leaning towards natural and natural. Developing nail design, to be repelled by these parameters. Long nails Monkey will not come to their liking. Also irrelevant square and sharp nails.

Think in advance your image, you can protect yourself from the bustle before the celebration of New Year's Eve, in fact please the monkey is not so simple. Women were excluded clothe themselves in jeans, pants and shirts. Men just have to forget about everyday life. To ape did not remain indifferent, you must create an unusual festive look. In this case, the symbol of the year will remain in the house for the entire year, favoring and protecting it.