How Did The Olympic Games 2010 In Vancouver

How did the Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver

In the summer of 2003 held the IOC session in Prague right of the XXI Winter Olympic Games for the second time received the Canadian city. At this time, the master of the games was the Vancouver, in this century, three times already having received the symbolic title of "the best city of…

The Most Titled Russian Olympic Champions

The most titled Russian Olympic champions

At the end of the 19th century in Paris was gathered commission to revive the Olympic Games. IOC, it included the most authoritative and proactive citizens of different countries - A little later, the International Olympic Committee was organized. The first Olympic Games held in Athens in the summer of 1896.

Representatives of the Russian…

What Are The New Olympic Records Set In London

What are the new Olympic records set in London

On the XXX Olympic Games in London for three weeks, the best athletes from around the world competed for the gold medals to lead the national team of the country in first place in the standings. And, on the way to winning some of them managed to set new world records.


What Will Happen At The Close Of The 2012 Olympics

What will happen at the close of the 2012 Olympics

July 27, 2012 about a billion television viewers watched the grand opening ceremony of XXX Summer Olympic Games in London. The colorful show, which has been spent about 27 million pounds, was attended by Paul McCartney, actors Rowan Atkinson and Daniel Craig, the British band Arctic Monkeys, as well as famous…

Summer Olympic Sports: Synchronized Swimming

Summer Olympic sports: synchronized swimming

Synchronized Swimming - one of the most beautiful, spectacular sports. It lies in the fact that athletes perform in the water with music, synchronous motion, depicting a variety of shapes. This sport may seem easy, elegant, but in fact it makes athletes to very high standards. They should be hardy, flexible, perfectly controlling the breath, not…

Winter Olympic Sport: Short Track

Winter Olympic Sport: Short Track

Short track - short track. This winter Olympic sport, it is relatively young. Short Track arose because special skating stadium with a track length of 400 meters are very rare, and the usual hockey box for these races. At the beginning of the twentieth century in North America appeared democratic race skating - short track.


How Did The Olympic Games 1984 In Los Angeles

How did the Olympic Games 1984 in Los Angeles

XXIII Summer Olympic Games in 1984 were held in Los Angeles, California USA during the period from 28 July to 12 August. Los Angeles for the second time became the seat of the organization of the Summer Olympic Games after 1932.

Because of the boycott of the US national team 1980 Olympic…

Summer Olympic Sports: Cycling Track

Summer Olympic sports: cycling track

Track race on bicycles or cycling track - kind of summer Olympic sports. For the first time this competition was included in the Olympic Games program in 1896. There followed a 16-year break. But since 1912, track cycling is carried out regularly.

Only men participated until 1988 in cycling. At the Olympics in Seoul in this…

When Will The Opening Of The Olympic Games In London

When will the opening of the Olympic Games in London

Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games last few decades - it is always a beautiful show, which involved thousands of volunteers, professional actors, the most famous athletes and officials. These two events are collected not only sports fans, but also lovers of mass representations, representatives of high society and…

Those Who Entered The Russian Olympic Team In 2012

Those who entered the Russian Olympic team in 2012

Olympic Games - this is an interesting and exciting match, which is attended by athletes from around the world. The national team of any country to participate in the games formed earlier. In Russia, the selection of athletes was finished two weeks before the start of the 2012 Olympics.

XXX Summer Olympic…

Summer Olympics 1988 In Seoul

Summer Olympics 1988 in Seoul

In 1988, the Summer Olympic Games were first organized in the Korean peninsula - in Seoul. In terms of organization, they meet the high standards of these sporting events in Asia, Japan has given to the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

In Olympics 160 countries took part in Seoul. To connect to the Olympic Movement began to…

What Is A School Of Olympic Reserve

What is a school of Olympic reserve

Sport children's and youth school of Olympic reserve (Sports School) - The school, which trains professional athletes. In fact, its name is clear the main task facing these institutions: to prepare young men and women, able to perform successfully in the junior competitions of the highest level and, subsequently, the competition among adults.


How To Get To The Olympics In London

How to get to the Olympics in London

Summer Olympic Games in London - one of the major sporting events in 2012. Preparations for this event has been going on for a long time. However, the closer the competition, the more people want to get on the podium in as observers and fans.

Instruction how to get to the Olympics in…

Summer Olympic Sports: Diving

Summer Olympic sports: diving

The Olympic diving program there from 1904 on competition athletes perform jumping and towers of various heights. Judges evaluate the purity of the water input and quality of screws, spins and turns. In addition, to compete in synchronized diving accounted synchronization performance athletes two acrobatic elements.

Competition Olympic competition involves jumping into the water from the tower…

Where Were The Winter Olympics 1956goda

Where were the Winter Olympics 1956goda

High-profile events in the history of the modern Olympic movement was held at the VII Winter Games 1956. For the first time in the Olympic Games was attended by Soviet athletes who then forty years remain on the first roles in those sports performances. Arena significant event was the small Italian resort town in the…

What Place Was Taken By Russia In The Medal Standings Of The Olympic Games In London

What place was taken by Russia in the medal standings of the Olympic Games in London

Games XXX Summer Olympics in London ended on August 12, 2012, and on the same day were played the last set of awards Sports Forum. It was slightly lower than hoped for fans and sports experts are expected in the final table of the unofficial…

What Sports Claim To Olympic

What sports claim to Olympic

The list of sports that are called the Olympic, regularly updated with new disciplines. However, it happens slowly enough. And the fact that their favorite competitions was in the Olympic program, the dream of many representatives of sports federations.

One of the contenders for inclusion in the Olympic list - a popular game Ultimate Frisbee. It…

Winter Olympics 1952 In Oslo

Winter Olympics 1952 in Oslo

Venue of the Olympic Games for the first time determined by voting members of the International Olympic Committee, and not by the meeting. In addition, this is the first Winter Games, which took place in a crowded European capital, which gave the competition a great solemnity.

Winter Olympics 1952 in great interest of the audience, as…

Why Lit The Olympic Flame

Why lit the Olympic flame

One of the symbols of the Olympic Games - fire. It should be lit in a special container - "bowl" - in the stadium, where the most of the competitions. And when the Olympics finished, the fire goes to erupt again in four years, but in a different city. This beautiful ceremony.

Olympic Games originated in…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 1960

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 1960

Winter Olympics are a true feast for lovers of winter sports. No exception, and sporting events in 1960, which brought the fans of national teams a lot of pleasant moments.

VIII Winter Olympic Games were held in the US city of Squaw Valley, it was the second case of the adoption of the Winter…

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