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How to get to the Olympics in London

Summer Olympic Games in London - one of the major sporting events in 2012. Preparations for this event has been going on for a long time. However, the closer the competition, the more people want to get on the podium in as observers and fans.

How to get to the Olympics in London

Instruction how to get to the Olympics in London

Step 1:

You can take the path of least resistance and place themselves full tour, which included visits to the cost of the Olympics. Today there are several companies that offer this service. You pay the normal tourist ticket - flight, transfer from airport to hotel, hotel, food, usually it already includes the cost of visiting the Olympic competitions. Naturally, the cost of such a voyage would be much more expensive than a simple vacation package. But the puzzle over where and how to buy tickets for the event, do not have to.

Step 2:

Try to buy tickets through the official website of the LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games). However, please note that the deadline for the purchase of input documents is limited. It is quite possible that most of the tickets have already been sold. But the chance of that remains even one ticket, is always there. On the site you need to choose sections of interest, fill in the fields, specify all information relating to personal data and payment method. Approve the purchase, and your tickets. They will direct you to the specified in the order email address. Will only take care of the rest of the nuances of your trip - tickets to London, booking hotels, etc.

Step 3:

Alternatively, you can go to London and try to pass on the Olympic facilities right there. This is the case if you buy tickets failed in his own country. Typically, input documents dealers sell on the spot. However, the ticket price will be much higher - in these cases, the price increased by 2 times.

Step 4:

At the Olympics in London in 2012, you can even get a minimal cost. To do this, try to get to the delegations. They were sent to a huge amount of competition - and it is the representatives of sports clubs, athletes and support clubs, and representatives of the organizers of the event. Select the option that suits you best, get the necessary contacts in your corporations, and try to enter into the composition of the delegation, which the company sends to the Olympic Games in London.

Step 5:

You can visit the Olympic facilities in competition days and in that case, if you are a volunteer for the Olympics. The role of such people is to assist the organizers, and gratuitous. Volunteers must participate in the meeting the guests, placing them, holding informational sightseeing tours for guests of the competition. Also, volunteers must provide active part in the preparation of facilities for the beginning of the competition. For this assistance, volunteers have the opportunity to attend the Olympic Games for free.