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How to see the opening of the Olympic Games in London

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics held in London on 27 July. To see this event, not necessarily to buy a ticket to the UK. Suffice it at the right time, turn on the TV.

How to see the opening of the Olympic Games in London

Instruction how to see the opening of the Olympic Games in London

Step 1:

In the Russian Federation, live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics will be shown on the "First Channel", and possibly also on the channel "Russia-1", "Russia-2" and "Russia-24". In addition, it will be able to see and subscribers of cable and satellite TV providers by channel "Eurosport" (not to be confused with the "Eurosport 2") and "NTV + Sport". If you are using the collective antenna, check if the "Eurosport" channel is broadcast in your house in analog form, using in its TV search function.

Step 2:

As the broadcast will air on all channels involved in her show, she will start simultaneously. This will take place July 27, 2012 at 21 am GMT. But preparation for the opening will start earlier - in 20 hours and 12 minutes. In Moscow at this time will be, respectively, and 1 am 0 hours 12 minutes. Preparations for the opening of the show are not everywhere, so try to find it on all the channels available to you.

Step 3:

If you can not turn on their TVs at night, and a VCR or a DVD-recorder you do not have, look at the opening ceremony of record on July 28. repeats the show schedule will be announced in about a week on television sites, as well as TV programs, published in the newspapers.

Step 4:

Find out how much time is left before the opening ceremony (up to a minute), you can on the official website of the 2012 Olympics. To do this, follow the link given in the end. At the top of the page you will see a virtual countdown clock. They can not work or not work properly (eg, display zeros), if disabled in your browser JavaScript. Compatible with all browsers they also can not be guaranteed. When browsing from a phone browser UC, or the like to see this clock can follow the link "Full stie", In doing so, their testimony will be updated only when you refresh the page manually. These clocks are present not only on the main page, but on the other pages of the site.