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Summer Olympic Sports: Boxing

Summer Olympic sports: boxing

Boxing originated about 5,000 years ago from a fist fight. The sport was popular in ancient Greece. However, boxing is considered the birthplace of modern England. The first rules of the competition were introduced in 1743.

During the first ancient Olympic Games, at the hands of boxers wound strips of leather. Perform fighting gloves began in 1867…

Summer Olympic Sports: Volleyball

Summer Olympic sports: volleyball

Volleyball - a game in which the members of each of the two opposing teams handed throwing the ball over the net separating them, trying not to let him touch the ground on his side of the court. There are rules governing how the gameplay and platform options. With these rules in volleyball competition program included twice…

Summer Olympic Sports: Beach Volleyball

Summer Olympic sports: beach volleyball

The first beach volleyball Californians began to play in the 20-ies of XX century. This game is gaining popularity around the world. In the late 70-ies of XX century the sport was officially recognized. Rio de Janeiro was the site of the first championship in beach volleyball world. It was organized in 1987 by the International…

When And How Were The First Olympic Games

When and how were the first Olympic Games

The very first Olympic games were held as early as 776 BC in Olympia. According to legend, the athletes performed before by Zeus. The competition lasted until 394 BC until they were banned by Emperor Theodosius I. The new same Olympic movement - something that is now known to everyone - began in…

How Did The Olympic Games 1952 In Helsinki

How did the Olympic Games 1952 in Helsinki

In 1952, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Helsinki. This city was to host sporting events in 1940, but their implementation has prevented World War II, at which time all games were canceled.

Total in the Olympic Games in 1952 took part 69 countries. The first team of the Soviet Union was…

Olympic Summer Sports: Road Cycle Race

Olympic Summer Sports: road cycle race

Road cycle race held on paved roads. Athletes use road bikes. Such competitions have been included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games since 1896.

Road cycling history started in 1868. The first major cycling race was held in 1869 at a distance of Paris - Rouen. Then the athletes have overcome 120 km.…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 1964

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 1964

Winter Olympic Games are one of the most spectacular sporting events, for the right of conducting a serious struggle is always going. Sometimes the winner is determined by a few votes. However, the Austrian Innsbruck, the capital of the Winter Games in 1964, won their competitors with a clear advantage.

IX Winter Olympic Games…

Which Countries Boycotted The Olympics 1984

Which countries boycotted the Olympics in 1984

A few years before the collapse of the socialist camp held next Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Previous Olympics were marked by a boycott of the Games by a number of countries. The reasons for refusal to participate in the Olympic Games become political motives, in particular, the deterioration of relations between NATO…

How Was The Olympic Games In 1960 In Rome

How was the Olympic Games in 1960 in Rome

Seventeenth Summer Olympic Games in 1960 were held in Rome from 25 August to 11 September. They were the first summer Olympics for Italy, as the first Winter Games were held in the country four years ago in the small town of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Rome was chosen as the capital of XVII…

How Was The Olympic Games In Athens 1906

How was the Olympic Games in Athens 1906

In 1906, 10 years after the first Olympic Games in Athens, the extraordinary, unforeseen Olympics rules. Greece's decision to hold its first sparked strong criticism from some Olympic committees. Gradually, however, their opinion has changed for the better due to the fact that many countries have failed to send a serious team in…

How Did The Olympic Games

How did the Olympic Games

Olympic Games - the most important and popular sports. Become a winner of the Olympics - the greatest honor for an athlete. Suffice it to say that the title of "Olympic champion" is the life, as distinct from the title of the world and European champion.

The first reliable data about the ancient Olympic Games dated…

Winter Olympics 1998 In Nagano

Winter Olympics 1998 in Nagano

The Japanese city of Nagano was elected as the capital of the Winter Olympics in 1998, the International Olympic Committee session in Birmingham in 1991. Prior to this, the Winter Olympic Games were held in Japan 26 years ago in Sapporo.

The Olympics in Nagano was the mass of the previous Winter Games in the number…

What Is The Olympic Flame

What is the Olympic flame

Fire - one of the most famous symbols of the Olympic Games. The man, who was watching the opening of the Olympic Games, saw the stadium appeared athlete with a burning torch and a torch light up from this huge capacity - bowl Olympic torch. This ceremony always causes a storm of emotions. The fire should…

How Did The Olympic Games 1912 In Stockholm

How did the Olympic Games 1912 in Stockholm

Olympic Games in Stockholm (Sweden), the fifth of its kind, took place from May 5 to July 27, 1912. They attended 2407 athletes, including 48 women, from 28 countries. The program was announced 14 sports and arts competitions 5, was played 102 sets of medals.

Yet none of OI not organized with such…

How Did The Olympic Games 1904 In St. Louis

How did the Olympic Games 1904 in St. Louis

III Olympic Games were held from 1 July to 23 October 1904 in St. Louis, USA. It participates in 645 athletes (including 6 women). 91 set of awards has been played in 17 sports. It is worth noting that athletes from Europe were only 53 people, as most of them could not…

How Is The Awarding Of The Winners Of The Olympics

How is the awarding of the winners of the Olympics

Awarding of the winners - this is one of the most solemn ceremonies held in the framework of the Olympic Games. A decision on the need for its organization was made the first Olympic Congress back in 1894, and since then the award is in accordance with the established rules.


Winter Olympics 1968 In Grenoble

Winter Olympics 1968 in Grenoble

The International Olympic Committee decided to hold the Winter Olympics in Grenoble. This city became the second city in France after Chamonix, plays host to winter sports competitions of such level.

Winter Olympics 1968 became a turning point in the sport. It introduced important innovations - doping test. It is known that the first substances that…

Where Were V Olympic Winter Games In 1948

Where were V Olympic Winter Games in 1948

Organizer of the V Winter Olympic Games of modern times after a 12-year hiatus was Switzerland, namely, the town of St. Moritz. Opening ceremony was held January 30, 1048, and the results summed February 8 at the closing ceremony of the Olympic speed skating sports palace.

The big break between the Olympics was…

How Did The 1968 Olympics In Mexico City

How did the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City

In 1968, the Summer Olympic Games for the first time in its history, took place in Mexico, more precisely, in the state capital - Mexico City. Prior to that, in the Americas only the USA took the Olympics. These events have made history, not only because of the sport, but also because of…

What Does The International Olympic Committee (Ioc)

What does the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

The International Olympic Committee was established in 1894 for a revival, further development and promotion of the Olympic movement. The structure of the IOC may not include more than 115 people, though they are not required to be professional athletes.

The main function of the IOC - the organization and holding of the Olympic…

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