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The Most Scandalous Olympic Champions

The most scandalous Olympic champions

Despite the fact that the basic provisions of the Olympic Games - is peace, friendship and mutual understanding, competition takes place in the competition with a vengeance. And some athletes are willing scandal literally gnaw medal. Moreover, such a lot of warriors.

One of the most controversial in the history of the Olympics is the one…

Winter Olympics 1972 In Sapporo

Winter Olympics 1972 in Sapporo

In 1972, the International Olympic Committee has entrusted to host the Winter Olympic Games Japan. Major international competitions were held in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido - the northernmost Japanese island. The climate of this place with enough warm in winter and heavy snowfalls good fit for the organization of ski competitions.

A total of 35…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 1994

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 1994

In 1988, at the 91st session of the IOC considered the four candidate cities to host XVII Olympic Winter Games - the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, the center of American Alaska Anchorage campus and two in northern Europe - Lillehammer, Norway, and Sweden Ostersund. Between these two representatives of the neighboring countries and the…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 1992

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 1992

On the 91 th Session of the International Olympic Committee in 1984. France fielded candidates of two of their cities for winter and summer Olympics. "Winter version" luckier - in a dispute with another five European and one American city won the small town of Albertville. It is located in the south-east of the…

How Does The Opening Of The Olympic Games

How does the opening of the Olympic Games

The opening of the Olympic Games - colorful and vivid spectacle, which is a cross between a carnival and demonstrative sport performance. Traditionally first national anthem mills, host the Olympics, and raised its flag. Then begins the parade of sports delegations. The team from each country is a column in which head -…

What Winter Sports Are Olympic

What winter sports are Olympic

For a long time both summer and winter Olympic Games were held in the same year with a difference of a few months. Since 1994, under the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the winter Olympics were initiated with a shift of two years relative to the summer. Currently, the program has 7 sports.


The Mascots Of The Olympic Games

The mascots of the Olympic Games

The first mascot of the Olympic Games appeared in 1968 in Grenoble. As he advocated image of the skier, who was given the name Shyuss. But officially it is not yet considered a talisman. The entire set of Olympic symbols he went through 4 years at the next Olympics.

The Olympic mascot is the quintessence…

Winter Olympics 1984 In Sarajevo

Winter Olympics 1984 in Sarajevo

The choice of location of XIV Winter Olympic Games took place in 1978, 80 IOC Session in Athens. Cities were four candidates, but the US Los Angeles has not confirmed its application for a decision it took only two rounds of voting. With a slight advantage just three votes it was decided to give away the…

Winter Olympics 1932 In Lake Placid

Winter Olympics 1932 in Lake Placid

Winter Olympic Games in 1932 were held in the United States, Lake Placid, and became the first Olympic Games held in North America. They were held during the global financial crisis, so much conceded earlier in the number of participating countries and the number of athletes.

Winter Olympic games have been started since 1924, the…

How To Prepare The Olympic Venues For The Games

How to prepare the Olympic venues for the games

Preparing for the Olympics - employment rather complicated and expensive. It is necessary to take into account the huge number of little things and details to create suitable facilities for competitions, to prepare the city's infrastructure, which is the organizer of the sporting event.

First compiled estimates for carrying out such a…

The Symbolism Of The Olympic Games

The symbolism of the Olympic Games

Olympic sports have their own characters, that is, attributes that are unique to these contests. Their goal - to popularize the idea of ​​the Olympics. For any commercial use of symbols is prohibited. The symbols are: the Olympic flag, emblem, medal, anthem Oath, fire, slogan, olive branch, mascots, fireworks.

The flag has the form of…

How Did The 1948 Olympics In St. Moritz

How did the 1948 Olympics in St. Moritz

In 1948, three years after the end of the Second World War, resumed the Olympic Games. This was a sign that a peaceful life is back in full. In particular, the Winter Games were held in Switzerland, in the town of St. Moritz.

In 1948 it took place just two types Olympics -…

Olympic Summer Sports: Handball

Olympic Summer Sports: Handball

Although similar ball game even mentioned in the poems of antiquity, the official birth year of handball is considered to 1898 minutes. Then the team competition with an almost modern rules was included in the physical education program one of the schools in Denmark. Danes also credited with the game and hand the idea of ​​a ball…

What Is The

What "Olimpic village"

Olympic Village - a place specially reserved for the residence of participants of the Olympic Games, that is, athletes, coaches, medical personnel, technical personnel and other accompanying persons. In addition to living quarters in the Olympic Village are canteens, sports and training facilities, shops, cultural and entertainment centers, internet cafes, post offices - in short, all that is…

Where Can I Find The Schedule Of The 2012 Olympics

Where can I find the schedule of the 2012 Olympics

July 25, 2012 will be held the first competition Thirties Summer Olympic Games. In just 19 days in the UK will be held over six competitions in 31 sport, where Olympians will compete for 302 sets of medals. With such an abundance of starts for those who have the opportunity to…

Winter Olympic Sports: Curling

Winter Olympic sports: curling

Curling has officially entered the Olympic program in 1998. And this despite the fact that the history of the sport began much earlier - around the beginning of the 16th century. Today curling enthusiastically engaged in a huge number of athletes from the different countries.

The word curling (curling) translated to English means "rotation". Today, the so-called…

Winter Olympics 1960 In Squaw Valley

Winter Olympics 1960 in Squaw Valley

Winter Olympics 1960, the fifth of its kind, held from February 18 to 28 at Squaw Valley (USA). Awards were played on 29 kinds of events in 5 sports. Attended all 655 athletes, including 144 women, from 31 countries. How Alexander Cushing persuaded the leadership of federations of winter sports hold Games in Squaw Valley,…

Winter Olympics 1936 In Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Winter Olympics 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

In May 1931 in Barcelona at the IOC session, it was decided that the summer 1936 Olympics will be held in Berlin, and winter - in two other German cities - Garmisch and Partenkirchen. These towns have won the fight in the German cities Shrayberhau and Braunlage and St. Moritz (Switzerland). In total, the Games brought…

Summer Olympics 1956 In Melbourne

Summer Olympics 1956 in Melbourne

After the Second World War, the Olympic movement has continued to grow. In particular, in the 50 years the Games have been actively participating socialist countries. Great success for these States became Summer Olympics in Melbourne.

Place for the next Olympiad was determined at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in 1949 in Rome. Among…

Where Were The Summer Olympic Games In 1992

Where were the Summer Olympic Games in 1992

The last third of the last century, though without its world wars, but it was a very turbulent time in the history of our civilization. This is reflected in the history of the Olympic Games, remember that the terrorist attack in 1972, and boycotts of various groups of four consecutive Summer Olympics. XXV…

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