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Who Is Usain Bolt

Who is Usain Bolt

Sprinter from Jamaica - the most likely candidate to win in any competition in which they are involved. The most famous athlete in these cross-country disciplines - Usain St. Leo Bolt - also represents this small island nation located in the Caribbean Sea.

August 21, 2012 Usain turns 26 years old. Four years ago, the personal date…

Winter Olympics 1956 In Cortina D'Ampezzo

Winter Olympics 1956 in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Fifth (winter) Olympic Games were held in 1956 in Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy) from 26 January to 5 February. Participation in them took 942 sportsmen, including 146 women, from 33 countries. This year she made her debut at the Games of the USSR team (53 sportsmen), radically changed the balance of power. Total hosted 245 events…

Winter Olympic Sports: Biathlon

Winter Olympic sports: biathlon

The word biathlon (biathlon) consists of a combination of two parts: the Latin bis - twice and the Greek attlon - racing, fighting. It is a winter biathlon, which includes cross-country skiing and shooting to target. Olympic sport of biathlon began in 1960. Today competition in the sport attracts a huge number of fans all over the…

Summer Olympic Sports: Taekwondo

Summer Olympic sports: Taekwondo

Taekwondo - martial art, which is since 2000 included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games. Its name is translated from Korean means "the way of punches and kicks." The founder of this sport is considered to General Choi Hong Hi.

Taekwondo competitions conducted for the following types: power breaking objects, special equipment, sparring and…

How To Make The Medals For The Olympic Games

How to make the medals for the Olympic Games

Olympic medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the competition at the Games. It is a mark of distinction for the individual and team achievement. Previously, athletes medals were hung around his neck, until 1960 they were made without attachment and hand in hand. The organizers of the Olympics each…

The Most

best "expensive" Olympic Games in history

Each time after the Olympic Games throughout the world Analysts calculate not only how many medals won one or the other team, and how many fans visited sports facilities, but also something which the budget was spent on organizing such a large-scale competition.

You can highlight Beijing 2008 Summer of the leaders in the ranking…

Summer Olympic Sports: Badminton

Summer Olympic sports: badminton

Badminton - it's a sports game with a flounce and racket. The game originated in ancient India, and received its present name from the village of Badminton in England, where it began to be cultivated come from India, the officers of the colonial troops.

The first rules were drawn up in 1870 by the British. The International…

What Are The Summer Sports Are Olympic

What are the summer sports are Olympic

As part of the modern Summer Olympics competitions in 28 sports, though some of them have several subspecies. In the entire history of the modern Olympic movement in the program included a total of 40 kinds of sports, but 12 of them were eventually excluded from the Committee's list.

At the Summer Olympics are…

Why South Korea Shpazhistka Went On Strike On The Platform

Why South Korea shpazhistka went on strike on the platform

Great sport - it is not only the joy of victory, but also the bitterness of defeat. Sometimes unjust defeat with which the athlete does not want to put up, and tries to prove his innocence by all available means.

South Korean Shin A Lam shpazhistka for half an hour refused…

As The First Olympic Games Held

As the first Olympic Games held

Historians have established that the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. e. in ancient Greece. Their ancestors, according to mythology, are the gods, heroes and kings. Then the Greek civilization shone for its poets, philosophers, mathematicians, architects, sculptors and athletes. People at that time thought the beauty of body art, and sport and…

As A Reward Olympians

As a reward Olympians

Despite the fact that one of the most important goals of modern Olympic movement is the establishment of friendship, equality and mutual understanding between people of different countries, athletes still seek first and foremost to win the competition. The best ones receive medals and gifts during the awards ceremony - one of the most luxurious and special…

What Is The Cultural Olympiad Sochi-2014

What is the Cultural Olympiad Sochi-2014

In winter 2014 will be the first in the history of our country's Winter Olympics. In connection with this for several years now there is extensive work to prepare for this significant event. And one of the unique projects dedicated to this event, was the Cultural Olympiad Sochi-2014.

Objectives and achievements of the Cultural Olympiad…

How Did The Olympic Games 1956 In Cortina D'Ampezzo

How did the Olympic Games 1956 in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Olympic Games 1956, held in the Italian town of Cortina d'Ampezzo, entered the history of the introduction of the set of know-how. In particular, in these games were the first live television broadcast, and it is here for the first time attracted sponsorship for the organization and holding of the Olympic Games.…

Winter Olympic Sports: Snowboarding

Winter Olympic Sports: Snowboarding

Snowboard - Winter Olympic sport. It is the descent from the snowy mountains on a special board. At the same time, snowboarders athletes wear special equipment. This sport can be attributed to the extreme, since it is associated with health risks.

Depending on the slope, which is accomplished with the descent, and the level of training of…

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