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The First Results Of The 2012 Olympics

The first results of the 2012 Olympics

XXX Summer Olympic Games in London began on July 25, the closing ceremony will take place on 12 August. Total will be played 302 sets of medals in 39 sports disciplines and 26 sports. From the outset, the Olympics turned a stubborn struggle in the individual championship, and in the overall medal standings.


Summer Olympics 1932 In Los Angeles

Summer Olympics 1932 in Los Angeles

The Summer Olympics of 1932 in the US Los Angeles attended by 1,048 athletes, including 127 women, from 37 countries. Competitions were held in 14 sports. The opening ceremony of the Games took place at the stadium called "Colosseum", reminiscent of the ancient Roman arena.

The capacity of the stadium - 105 thousand people, which…

Summer Olympics 1980 In Moscow

Summer Olympics 1980 in Moscow

Summer Olympics held in Moscow in 1980, became in a sense legendary. They remember the inhabitants of our country and remained in the history of world events as one of the most controversial Olympics.

It began the history of these games with the international scandal. US President Jimmy Carter has called to boycott the Olympic Games…

How Did The Olympic Games 1968 In Grenoble

How did the Olympic Games 1968 in Grenoble

In 1968, the Winter Olympic Games held in the French city of Grenoble. At the Games at Sapporo claimed, Lake Placid, Oslo, Lahti and Calgary. Great influence on the vote of IOC members had Charles de Gaulle - the president of France.

Winter Games in 1968 became the first competition, which was introduced…

Winter Olympics 2006 In Turin

Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin

In 2006, for the second time in the history of the Olympics Winter Games were held in Italy. Exactly half a century after the VII Winter Olympic Forum in Cortina d'Ampezzo host XX games became another city, located on the Alpine north - Turin. Talismans Turin Olympics have become an ice cube and snow Gliz Neve,…

History Of Olympic Games

History of Olympic Games

The ancient Greeks attached great importance to physical education. After all healthy adult man was obliged to defend in case of war, his hometown. Make long trekking, then fight in heavy armor, and even in the heat, could only strong, tough man. Therefore, all kinds of sports were very popular. Of these the most significant events and…

How Did The Olympic Games 1972 In Munich

How did the Olympic Games 1972 in Munich

Munich Summer Olympic Games in 1972 has become one of the most famous. City preparing for it for several years, was built many new sports facilities. The competition was attended by a record number of athletes and participating countries. Despite this, the world she remembered not sporting achievements, and most other events.


As Putin Oversaw The Preparation For The Games In Sochi In 2014

As Putin oversaw the preparation for the Games in Sochi in 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin has closely followed the preparations for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 since its inception. One of the most important decisions of the president, made to accelerate the construction of sports facilities, is the creation in early 2013 of a special state committee…

How Did The Olympic Games 1924 In Paris

How did the Olympic Games 1924 in Paris

In 1924, the Olympic Games were held in Paris. The French capital was the second time the venue of sports events, beating the competition of projects Barcelona Games, Rome, Los Angeles, Prague and Amsterdam.

In 1924 he took part in the games 44 countries. Germany was still barred from participating in the Olympic…

As The Olympic Games Were Held In Antiquity

As the Olympic Games were held in antiquity

Olympic Games began in the VIII century BC on the territory of ancient Greece in the Olympia region, said while the sacred place. There are several legends about their origin, the main of which is the legend of King Ifite, was instructed by the priestesses of Apollo to hold athletic festival in honor…

Who Is Lin Dan

Who is Lin Dan

Chinese badminton player with the name and surname, Lin Dan is considered the most likely candidate to win the singles badminton competition-men at the summer Olympic Games in London. Sport biography of this unique athlete and his current position in the world rankings provide a basis for such an assumption.

In mid-October 2012 the Chinese athlete was…

What Forecasts In The Russian Team At The End Of The Olympics

What forecasts in the Russian team at the end of the Olympics

London Olympics came to the finish line. And if the first half of the game did not please Russian sports fans, in recent days the number of medals won by the Russian team, has increased dramatically. On August 10 in the bank Russians were already 56 Olympic awards, including…

Winter Olympics 2002 In Salt Lake City

Winter Olympics 2002 in Salt Lake City

Winter Olympic Games in 2002 has once again been conducted in the United States in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. The city has managed to become the capital of the game only the second time - for 4 years before he lost the right to perform activities Japanese city of Nagano.


How Did The Olympic Games 1908 In London

How did the Olympic Games 1908 in London

In 1908, the first games were held in the territory of the British Empire - in London. Although at the time the Olympics was not an event of this magnitude, in the XXI century, it became the largest sporting event in Europe.

The capital of the Games in 1908 could easily be Rome.…

How To See The Opening Of The Olympic Games In London

How to see the opening of the Olympic Games in London

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics held in London on 27 July. To see this event, not necessarily to buy a ticket to the UK. Suffice it at the right time, turn on the TV.

Instruction how to see the opening of the Olympic Games in London

Step 1:


Where Were The Summer Olympic Games In 1952

Where were the Summer Olympic Games in 1952

The capital of the XV Olympic Summer Games was the capital of Finland - Helsinki. In Helsinki, the plan had to take the Olympic Games in 1940. By this time, it was built all the main sports facilities and the Olympic Village, but began in 1939. The Second World War brought about changes.…

What Are The Olympic Medals Have Become A Pleasant Surprise

What are the Olympic medals have become a pleasant surprise

The results of the Olympic Games in London, ended August 12, should be recognized as very successful for the Russian team. Having won a total of 82 medals, including 24 gold, 26 silver and 32 bronze, the Russian team confidently took the 4th place. And the total number of medals the…

Summer Olympic Sports: Bmx

Summer Olympic sports: BMX

Since 2008, the Summer Olympic Games includes a new kind of sports - BMX. This is one of the most popular extreme entertainment in the United States, in Russia, however, it is just beginning to gain momentum.

BMX name comes from the English phrase Bicycle Motocross, it is a stunt ride on special bikes. This sport is…

How To Get Accredited For The Olympics In Sochi

How to get accredited for the Olympics in Sochi

Olympics in Sochi - a global event, which was eagerly awaited not only in Russia but also worldwide. Therefore, accreditation issues facing the organizers is very acute. It is necessary to draw up a list of athletes, their coaches and other team members. Also need to register and journalists who will cover…

The Largest Objects Of The Winter Olympics In Sochi 2014

The largest objects of the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

Organizers of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi had to do an enormous amount of work. After all, it was necessary to build a number of new sports facilities, and at the highest level, to build new roads and improve infrastructure. Now, as before the opening of the games, there is…

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