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What Is The Symbolism Of The Olympic Rings 5

What is the symbolism of the Olympic rings 5

It is now believed that the Olympic symbol of five rings is the main participating continents, each of which has a specific color: Europe - Blue Africa - Black America - red, Asia - Yellow, Australia - Green. But there is another version.

With the advent of the Olympic symbols, some associate…

The Modern Olympic Movement: Main Trends

The modern Olympic movement: main trends

The Olympic movement is constantly being improved, but unfortunately, in addition to the positive, there are negative trends in its development. However, the IOC pays a lot of attention to the problems of the Games, and as much as trying to solve them.

Among the main trends of the modern Olympic movement has a lot…

Where Were The Summer Olympic Games In 2004

Where were the Summer Olympic Games in 2004

The second Summer Olympic Games of the new millennium were held in 2004. It was the 28 th in a row after the Olympics revival of traditions of ancient sporting festivals. And the place of the game was this time directly related to the ancient traditions and the Olympic movement, and the new…

Summer Olympic Sports: Shooting

Summer Olympic sports: shooting

The first Olympic shooting competition was held in 1896 in Athens. Then, only men participated in the contest. Since 1968, in the beginning of this discipline to compete and women.

The program of the Summer Olympic Games Shooting sports became independent in 1996. Now in this competition played 15 sets of medals. Olympic shooting is divided into…

Who'S Missy Franklin

Who's Missy Franklin

Melissa Jeanette Franklin - American swimmer, is included in the US Olympic team for the London Games in 2012. This spring, the "mission" was 17 years old, but it has a very well-known person among the fastest swimmers of the world and is considered the favorite in the fight for Olympic medals in several disciplines.

His first international…

Why Is The City Are Fighting For The Right To Host The Olympics

Why is the city are fighting for the right to host the Olympics

Implementation of the modern Olympic Games involves more hassle and huge financial costs. In the city where the event will take place, you must either build new sports facilities or upgrade existing ones, and at the advanced level. Nevertheless, from cities wishing to host the Olympic Games, there…

Why The Olympics 2012 Banned The Use Of Wi-Fi

Why the Olympics 2012 banned the use of Wi-Fi

All visitors to the 2012 Olympic Games in London have to face an unexpected ban - you can not use your own access point Wi-Fi and the 3G-hubs. A turn to the personal hotspot you can most modern mobile phones. It is also not allowed on the Olympic facilities Radio scanners, radios,…

The Most Famous Olympic Champion In Figure Skating

The most famous Olympic champion in figure skating

Single female horse appeared only in 1906, when the International Skating Union (ISU) has started to conduct separate competitions for men and women. Already in 1908, women's figure skating was included in the Olympic program.

Gold medal at the first Olympic Games in 1908, including the women's skating, received Meiji Sayers. This outstanding…

How Was The Olympic Games In Athens 1896

How was the Olympic Games in Athens 1896

The first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens (Greece), from 6 to 15 April 1896. It was attended by 241 athletes from 14 countries. Women then still not competed at the games. Stated was 9 sports packages raffled prizes - 43.

The program of the Greco-Roman wrestling were included I the Olympics,…

The Notorious 1996 Olympics In Atlanta

The notorious 1996 Olympics in Atlanta

Commemorative Olympic Games, passed through the 100 years since its renewal, held in 1996 and were held in the US city of Atlanta. They performed for the first time is not the team of Russian and Soviet republics, and some national team states, formerly part of the USSR.

This great sporting event turned out to…

How To Rent A House For The Duration Of The Olympic Games In London

How to rent a house for the duration of the Olympic Games in London

This year has been paid close attention to the fact that housing prices in the countries that organize significant world events grow significantly at the time of events. But it does not stop the fans of this great sport. At the Olympic Games in London can be…

Summer Olympic Sports: Mountain Bike

Summer Olympic sports: mountain bike

Mountain biking or mountain biking - a relatively young, fast-growing type of active sport. Mountain bikes are constantly being improved. The sport was included in the Summer Olympic Games in 1996.

Despite his youth, mountain biking has received a lot of popularity in different countries. It was invented in the 50-ies of XX century. The fact…

How To Get To Sochi

How to get to Sochi

To get to Sochi to see the Winter Olympics in 2014, can be various types of transport both by air and by land. Select the appropriate option should be in accordance with the available budget and the availability of a vehicle in the village.

Moving the airplane is the fastest way to get to Sochi a…

How Did The Olympic Games 2002 In Salt Lake City

How did the Olympic Games 2002 in Salt Lake City

In voting for the right to host the 2002 Winter Olympic Games won by a large margin the city Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah. IOC members to determine the winner needed just one round, instead of the projected three. The success of the games themselves were not…

Summer Olympics 1960 In Rome

Summer Olympics 1960 in Rome

Seventeenth Summer Olympic Games were held in Rome in 1960, from 25 August to 11 September. Four years earlier, in the Italian province of Cortina d'Ampezzo has hosted the Winter Olympics, but the summer for the first time, so the Italians were met with great enthusiasm.

In the Summer Olympic Games 1960 participated 5338 athletes from…

How Did The 1992 Olympics In Barcelona

How did the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona

On 25 July in Barcelona, ​​August 9, 1992 held XXV Summer Olympic Games. In the nearly ten thousand athletes from 169 countries took part. It was the first Olympic Games that took place after the collapse of the USSR.

In 1992, Spain held two events of international scale. Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona and…

Summer Olympics 1904 In St. Louis

Summer Olympics 1904 in St. Louis

During the discussion on the III Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee decided to organize it in the United States, because this country has shown good results in the previous two games. Initially, the Olympics would take place in Chicago or New York, but as a result of the choice fell on the small port…

Summer Olympic Sports: Water Polo

Summer Olympic sports: water polo

For the first time the rules of team play with the ball in the pool formulated Englishman William Wilson. At the same time he was trying to simulate the water analogue rugby. The modern form of the rules of water polo took the 80-th of the XIX century, with the revival of the tradition of the…

Who Is Catherine Gamow

Who is Catherine Gamow

Catherine Gamow - volleyball, athlete and simply beautiful. She was born in the Olympic 1980 in Chelyabinsk. She is now a recognized leader in the Russian volleyball team, which is one of the best in the world.

Engage in sports volleyball Katya Gamow start at 8 years old. Already in the 11 years old girl was growing…

Summer Olympic Sports: Wrestling

Summer Olympic sports: wrestling

Freestyle wrestling - a competition between the two athletes. Each of the athletes trying to put the other on the shoulder or win by other techniques (grappling, throws, coups, cuttings and footrests).

For competitions in freestyle wrestling arranged a special area-rug square shape, its side is eight meters. Costumes members consist of elastic tights red or blue,…

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