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Summer Olympics 1992 In Barcelona

Summer Olympics 1992 in Barcelona

At the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona. For the first time Spain hosted sporting events of such level. This was a good opportunity for the country to demonstrate their economic success after the end of the authoritarian regime of government.

1992 was quite difficult for many states in political terms. It could not affect the…

How Did The Olympic Games 2006 In Turin

How did the Olympic Games 2006 in Turin

In Turin from 10 to 26 February 2006 took place the XX Olympic Winter Games. At that time, Italy was the second time became the mistress of the Olympic Games: the first Games were held in the country in 1956.

Participation in the Turin Olympics athletes took 1627 and 1006 athletes from 80…

Summer Olympics 1896 In Athens

Summer Olympics 1896 in Athens

Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896, were the first games related to the modern Olympic movement. In many ways they were different from those sporting events that are organized in our time, because at that time the main tradition of the Olympic Games has not yet been formed.

The question of the revival of the…

The Infamous 1972 Olympics In Munich

The infamous 1972 Olympics in Munich

1972 Munich Olympics, unfortunately, has become known not by the merits of the organizers or athletes. That's when the attack occurred, which became one of the most terrible events that ever marred the Olympic Games.

XX Olympic Games, held in September 1972 in Munich, became notorious for attacks by Palestinian terrorists on the representatives of…

Winter Olympic Sports: Nordic Combined

Winter Olympic sports: Nordic combined

Nordic combined is officially called the North a combination. It includes ski jumping and cross-country skiing. This sport appeared in Norway more than a century ago, it has spread to other countries and was included in the Winter Games.

Individual competitions in this sport for the first time the Olympic Games were held in Chamonix in…

What Are The Chances Of The Russian Team At The Olympics In Sochi

What are the chances of the Russian team at the Olympics in Sochi

Fans of the Russian team have high expectations for our athletes at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Especially as the result of the previous Winter Olympics in Vancouver it turned out, to put it mildly, joyless. Then the Russian team was able to win all three medals the…

Best Russian Snowboarders

Best Russian snowboarders

Snowboard - one of the youngest of the Olympic disciplines. This sport, which is the descent from the snow slope on a special board was included in the Olympic program in 1998 during a contest in the Japanese city of Nagano. Snowboarding is subdivided into the following disciplines: boarder-cross, slalom, parallel slalom, giant slalom, parallel giant slalom, super…

How Did The Olympic Games 1964 In Innsbruck

How did the Olympic Games 1964 in Innsbruck

In 1964 it was decided to hold the Winter Olympic Games in the Austrian city of Innsbruck. These competitions remember the high level of organization, characteristic of the sports events held in Austria.

Total in the Olympics in 1964 was attended by 36 national teams. East and West Germany Athletes performed together. For…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 1980

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 1980

For the right to host the Olympic Games between the countries that had applied, there is always a close contest. No exception and the Winter Olympics in 1980. The venue was the quiet American town of Lake Placid has hosted the Winter Games in 1932.

Selection of Lake Placid as the venue for the…

When The Olympics Start In London

When the Olympics start in London

Summer Olympic Games are held every four years, and place them on a competitive basis of the start to choose the decade prior to this event. City host the Olympic Games, which starts in mid-summer 2012, it has been finalized by the International Olympic Committee seven years ago - London won the competition. The detailed…

How Did The Olympic Games 1980 In Lake Placid

How did the Olympic Games 1980 in Lake Placid

1980 in the history of the modern Olympic movement is best known for a boycott of the Moscow Summer Olympics, but in the same year and held the Winter Games. They were held at the beginning of the year in the US city of Lake Placid and were not accompanied by any…

How Did The Olympic Games 1964 In Tokyo

How did the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo

Back in the 30s of the capital of Japan assumed the place of the twelfth Olympic Games in 1940. But the Games were not held because of the outbreak of the Second World War. Twenty years later, Tokyo again announced his candidacy, but the IOC opted for Rome. It was only in 1964…

Winter Olympics 2018 In Pyeongchang

Winter Olympics 2018 in PyeongChang

Winter Olympics 2018 will be held in the city of Pyeongchang, South Korea. This decision was taken by the International Olympic Committee, and Pyeongchang won the French and the Germans with a huge margin.

For the South Korean city it was very important to be the capital of the Games in 2018 - it was the…

The History Of The Olympic Movement

The history of the Olympic Movement

Olympic sports are very popular, and they are looking forward to many countries around the world. However, in its long history, it has had its ups and downs, they were forbidden and again allowed, and even boycotted the event is converted to the more regional than global.

The first documented Olympic Games were held in…

How I Made The Russian Team At The Olympics 2006 In Turin

How I made the Russian team at the Olympics 2006 in Turin

In 2006 in Turin, Italy passed XX Olympic Winter Games. Term of them has been identified with 10 to 26 February. The Russian team won here 8 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals, which made it to the 4th place in the first 10-ke-member countries. First place went…

How Was The Olympic Games In Beijing

How was the Olympic Games in Beijing

Beijing was elected as the capital of the XXIX Summer Olympic Games in 2001 IOC session in Moscow. His competitors for the right to host the Games were Toronto, Paris, Istanbul and Osaka. Olympics took place in 2008 and was the largest in history.

China came to the training and the competition with the…

What Prevented Gymnast Pasek Won Silver In London

What prevented gymnast Pasek won silver in London

London Olympics will be remembered not only the scale and intensity of the competition, but also more than controversial refereeing decisions. One of them was directly connected with Russian gymnast Maria Paseka.

At competitions gymnasts vault was considered an American favorite McKayla Maroney, our own hopes were connected with newcomer, 17-year-old Maria Paseka,…

Who Heads The Ioc

Who heads the IOC

From the person who will head the International Olympic Committee, independent of the global development of the sport. After all, the head of the Olympic Committee - is not just official, but a person to be charged a huge amount of hope, challenges faced by them. So random person to be in such a place can not.…

Where Were The Summer Olympic Games In 1948

Where were the Summer Olympic Games in 1948

Summer Olympic Games in 1948 were held 12 years after the devastating Second World War, so the people they became known as "ascetic". In many countries, the economic situation was difficult, long-standing butchery hardened and disunited many nationalities. Under these conditions, sports carry a particularly important - peacekeeping - value. By the decision…

What Is Built On The Mountain Cluster

What is built on the mountain cluster

Mountain Cluster is a group of sports facilities built in high-altitude areas specifically for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. It consists of biathlon and ski complexes, bobsleigh track, ski center, ski jumping complex, as well as freestyle center, snowboard park.

The complex "Laura" One of the largest facilities in the mountain cluster is…

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