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How Was The 1980 Olympic Games In Moscow

How was the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow

XXII Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 - one of the brightest in the Russian history. The country is preparing for her six years. And despite the announced United States and some other countries boycott in the history of the international Olympic movement, these games have become an important landmark.

In 1980, from July…

How Did The Olympic Games 1900 In Paris

How did the Olympic Games 1900 in Paris

1900 Summer Olympics held in Paris (France) took place from 14 May to 28 October. They lasted for more than 5 months. The fact that Ira was confined to the World's Fair, which at that time was held in Paris. We participate in 997 athletes, including 22 women, from 24 countries. It has…

Summer Olympics 2012 In London

Summer Olympics 2012 in London

The next Summer Olympic Games, the thirtieth of its kind, will be held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012. London has hosted the Olympics twice - in 1908 and 1948, and will become the first city to take her three times. He was awarded this honor in a hard struggle with four contenders:…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 1984

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 1984

XIV Winter Olympic Games were held from 8 to 19 February 1984 in the city of Sarajevo - the capital of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is part of a common state of Yugoslavia then. For medals in 7 sports have struggled in 1272 athletes from 49 countries.

In Sarajevo in the…

How To Buy Tickets For The Opening Ceremony Of The 2014 Olympics

How to buy tickets for the opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympics

Sochi Olympics will be held from 7 to 12 February, 2014. The closer to this date, the more people begin to think about visiting the celebrations and competitions. In October 2013, we went on sale and tickets for the opening of the Olympic Winter Games.

Who sells tickets for…

How Did The Olympic Games 1924 In Chamonix

How did the Olympic Games 1924 in Chamonix

The first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix in the French city. Initially, the games in 1924 conceived as International Sports Week in honor of the upcoming Summer Olympics, which was held in Paris. However, the performance turned out to be as successful as athletes level is so high that the Olympic Committee…

How To Book A Hotel In London For Olympics 2012

How to book a hotel in London for Olympics 2012

Every four years, the whole world, with bated breath, watching sporting events, referred to as the Olympics. The next Olympic Games just around the corner, and it will be held in the UK capital. To become a spectator of all the competition, you need to take care of the place of…

Summer Olympic Sports: Table Tennis

Summer Olympic sports: table tennis

Tennis emerged at the beginning of the XIX century. Almost a century Ping Pong is a way of leisure activities, and in 1920 it was officially recognized as a sport. Seven years later, we held the first World Table Tennis Championships, and in 1988 this species was included in the Summer Olympic Games.

In table tennis…

How Is The City Of Choice For The Olympic Games

How is the city of choice for the Olympic Games

Hosting the Olympic Games in one of the towns - it is a great honor and responsibility for the country. For more than a century, the Olympic Movement were formed rules for choosing the future capital of the Olympic Games.

The first Olympic Games were almost unanimously decided to hold in…

How Did The Olympic Games 1956 In Melbourne

How did the Olympic Games 1956 in Melbourne

XVI Summer Olympic Games were held in Melbourne, Australia from November 22 to December 8, 1956. Right of the competition won the city of Buenos Aires, with a margin of one vote. The very organization of the Olympic Games in Australia was seen by many ambiguous because of the remoteness of the continent.…

Summer Olympics 1908 In London

Summer Olympics 1908 in London

Summer Games 1908 in its scope, the number of visitors and athletes surpassed the Olympic Games, which were held earlier. They were the first Games, which were attended by the representatives of Turkey, Russia, Iceland and New Zealand.

Four cities fighting for the right to host the Summer Olympic Games in 1908 - Milan, Berlin, Rome…

Who Will Perform At The Closing Of The Olympic Games In Sochi

Who will perform at the closing of the Olympic Games in Sochi

The next Winter Olympics in Sochi will be held from 7 to 23 February, 2014. Two weeks many thousands of fans who came to the Black Sea resort city, and hundreds of millions of viewers around the world will closely follow the competitions of the strongest athletes. There is…

Summer Olympic Sports: Football

Summer Olympic sports: football

Today, football - the most massive and most popular on the planet sport. The official date of birth is considered to be 1863, and the first time at the Olympic Games football came 37 years after that date. It was in Paris, in the second game in a row after the revival of the Olympic tradition.


Who Is Victoria Komova

Who is Victoria Komova

Victoria A. Komov in seventeen years has been fairly successful Russian gymnast and has the status of Honored Master of Sports of Russia. Victoria won the silver medal at the Olympics in London. This fragile-looking girl managed to get a huge number of titles.

Victoria Komova born January 30, 1995 in the gymnastics family. Victoria's mother (Vera…

What Sports Are On The Olympic Games In London

What sports are on the Olympic Games in London

XXX Olympic Games in London will be held from July 27 to August 12. In addition to the UK capital itself will take athletes Glasgow, Coventry, Cardiff, Manchester, Dorney, Newcastle and Birmingham. No doubt the summer Olympic Games - the most important event of the sports season, which will attract the attention…

How Did The Olympic Games 1932 In Los Angeles

How did the Olympic Games 1932 in Los Angeles

In 1932, Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games for the first time. It was a difficult time for the whole world - the height of the Great Depression. As a result, the number of participants was the lowest since 1904 - less than half in the Games in 1928.

Few were sold…

Who Will Take Part In The Olympic Torch Relay Sochi 2014

Who will take part in the Olympic torch relay Sochi 2014

According to ancient myth, the Titan Prometheus, not for fear of the wrath of the gods, he stole fire and they brought it as a gift to people to make their lives easier. Grateful people have not forgotten this. During the Olympic Games in a special bowl lit the fire,…

Summer Olympic Sports: Judo

Summer Olympic sports: judo

Judo - a martial art that has emerged in Japan. Sport Judo was the focus in the XX century. Since 1964, this sport is included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games, and since 1992 in the competition the women began to participate.

Judo - a very popular martial arts. Its origins influenced the centuries-old tradition…

How Did The Olympic Games 1976 In Montreal

How did the Olympic Games 1976 in Montreal

Summer Olympic Games in 1976 became one of the most representative number of participants and the number of played out awards. Furthermore, they entered into the history of the Olympic Games and as the most expensive.

The right to hold a Summer Olympics Montreal received in 1970, beating the Los Angeles and Moscow,…

Winter Olympic Sports: Cross-Country Skiing

Winter Olympic sports: cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing - one of the oldest species of the Olympic program. Skiers competed in the very first Winter Olympics in Chamonix in 1924. However, then only men competed, though only two distances - 18 and 50 km.

Competitions in skiing were very popular in the Scandinavian peoples long before the modern Olympic movement. The first…

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