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Winter Olympic Sports: Skeleton

Winter Olympic sports: skeleton

At the Winter Olympic Games there are several kinds of sports, which are different versions of the downhill from the mountains. For some of them enough snow cover and relatively simple equipment athlete (such as skiing), others require the icy slopes and special sports equipment. Skeleton belongs to the second type of sports downhill.

Most of all,…

Where Were The Winter Olympic Games 2006

Where were the Winter Olympic Games 2006

2006 Winter Olympics were held in the northern Italian city of Turin. The opening ceremony took place on February 10, and the closing - 26 February. The celebrations were held at the Olympic Stadium in the southern part of the city, specially converted so that it amounted to a complex with modern ice palace…

How Did The Olympic Games 1920 In Antwerp

How did the Olympic Games 1920 in Antwerp

Olympic Games in 1920 were held in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The official opening of the Olympic Games on August 14 and closed it on 29 August. However, for various reasons, in the event some sports were conducted either before or after this period.

The Olympic Games were held just a year…

The Infamous 1980 Moscow Olympics

The infamous 1980 Moscow Olympics

XXII Summer Olympics held in Moscow from July 19 to August 3, 1980. During this time it was established 36 world and 74 Olympic records, but remember the Moscow Olympics is not only sporting achievements.

Olympics 1980 was unique not only for the Soviet Union, but also for the whole world - for the first time…

What Is The Essence Of The Olympic Movement

What is the essence of the Olympic movement

Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece, in Olympia, is now a small town. They praised the healthy and harmonious human body, the unity of the nation. In Russia, the Olympic movement began to take shape at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. When people began to realize the importance of sports.…

How Did The Olympic Games 1916 In Berlin

How did the Olympic Games 1916 in Berlin

In 1916 in the city of Berlin, capital of Germany, were to be held the next Olympic Games. The German government has allocated for the preparation and carrying out of 300,000 marks - a colossal sum in those days. In 1913, the city completed the construction of the Olympic Stadium, medals sketches have…

Winter Olympic Sports: Hockey

Winter Olympic Sports: Hockey

Unveiling of Canadian hockey history began in 1879 when students of Montreal's McGill University made the first rubber washer. At the Olympics, the sport came in 1920 - the tournament was held in Antwerp, six teams of the Old and New World.

Then it was the Olympic Games, in the Olympic Games program white hockey entered since…

Summer Olympic Sports: Triathlon

Summer Olympic sports: triathlon

Eventing - this is the most challenging an Olympic equestrian sport. It includes dressage, field trials and overcoming obstacles. Triathlon included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London. Competitions are held in Greenwich Park from 28 to 31 July, involving 75 athletes.

Eventing first included in the Olympic Games in 1912. It took…

Summer Olympics 1972 In Munich

Summer Olympics 1972 in Munich

The first Olympic Games were held in postwar Germany 27 years after the Second World War. In 1972 in Munich XX Summer Olympics with the slogan "Happy Games" and shining sun in blue in the logo was carried out. Unfortunately, the games added to the palette and color of mourning terrorism from the Palestinian "Black September".…

Summer Olympics 2008 In Beijing

Summer Olympics 2008 in Beijing

After Japan and South Korea, China became the third country in Asia, who was lucky enough to host the Summer Olympic Games - this happened in 2008 in Beijing. The sports festival was attended by more than 11 thousand athletes representing 204 States, and the progress of the competition is followed by almost five billion viewers.…

Summer Olympics 1916 In Berlin

Summer Olympics 1916 in Berlin

According to legend, in ancient Greece at the time of the Olympic Games all the wars stopped, and opponents competed only on the sports field. The Olympic movement was revived in the last years of the nineteenth century, but it could not change the new priorities of modern civilization. War is now more important than the…

Where Did The Summer 2008 Olympic Games

Where did the summer 2008 Olympic Games

In carrying out the XXIX Summer Olympic Games initially claimed a dozen cities in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America. Most of them - the state capital. The struggle for the right to host the Olympics began nine years before the appointed time of the biggest sporting event of the planet, and the winner…

Where Were The Summer Olympic Games In 1968

Where were the Summer Olympic Games in 1968

Traditional vote on the choice of venue for the XIX Olympic Games held in the autumn of 1963 in the German Baden-Baden. It was at the 60th session of the International Olympic Committee and the voting list contains four items. Only one of them was allotted a European city, and the rest were…

Winter Olympic Games 1994 In Lillehammer

Winter Olympic Games 1994 in Lillehammer

In the XVII Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer (Norway) was attended by 1737 athletes from 67 countries. They have played 61 sets of medals in 12 sports. The International Olympic Committee has organized these games two years after the previous ones, to dissolve over time summer and winter Olympics.

For the first time in Lillehammer…

Summer Olympics 2000 In Sydney

Summer Olympics 2000 in Sydney

Australian metropolis Sydney was elected as the venue for the XXVII Summer Olympic Games in 1993, at the 101st session of the International Olympic Committee. These were the second Summer Games in Australia, but between the previous XVI Olympiad almost half a century has passed in Melbourne and games of 2000.

Summer Games in Sydney began…

Where Were The Summer Olympic Games In 1980

Where were the Summer Olympic Games in 1980

Despite the fact that the Soviet Union athletes for forty years won the lion's share of medals at every Olympics, the biggest sports forum of the planet only once been held in the Soviet Union. This happened in 1980 when the Games of the XXII Summer Olympics were held in Moscow and several…

Why Socialist Countries Boycotted The Olympics In 1984

Why socialist countries boycotted the Olympics in 1984

The Olympic movement is often interferes with politics. The acts of public protest during the preparation or the next Olympic Games always attract the attention of the world community. A striking example of this was the boycott of the Olympic Games 1984 in Los Angeles, which was supported by almost all the socialist…

The Most Titled Olympic Medalist

The most titled Olympic medalist

Getting a gold, silver or bronze medal at the Olympic Games athlete elevates to stardom, he became a legend for all the country. If these few medals, he gets the opportunity to become a world-famous sports star and make his name in the annals of the Olympic Games.

The most titled athlete of the world -…

How Was The Last Olympic Games

How was the last Olympic Games

Surrounding the Olympic Games will be held in late summer 2012. Previous competitions were held two years ago - it was the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Despite the fact that it was already 21 in a row Winter Olympics, they had several 'prime'.

The emblem of the Games became a hero by the name of…

How Did The Olympic Games In Ancient Greece

How did the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

In ancient Hellas was conducted a lot of sports. The Greeks attached great importance to physical perfection, and all sorts of games and competitions gives them universal appeal. The most popular and important were the Olympic Games, held every four years in the town of Olympia, in the north-western Peloponnese. They are dedicated…

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