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4 reasons women late for work

It's a shame when a timely manner to come to work prevented some 5-10 minutes. And the beloved complains that the delay in the meeting were repeated more often. What is the reason? Is it always to blame for the discipline or perhaps the reason lies in something else more serious?

4 reasons women late for work

The habit of a person is often late in terms of medicine - a signal by certain parts of the brain. By the way, these areas are responsible for attention and the ability to remember. But if you do not escalate the situation, we can find several reasons for constant delays in yourself and in your daily routine.

Being late to work: The most common causes

1) Elementary nesobrannost. Lack of skills fast, harmonious and productive work is inherent in some people almost from birth. They remember the important things at the last moment, they can not find even in your own home or that thing in a hurry to forget. In short, the lead chaotic lifestyles. But to solve the problem - quite simply. Suffice it to fold the bag to work in the evening and to keep a diary, which recorded the meeting, plans and things to do.

2) Traffic jams. It should be prepared for the likelihood of occurrence of a force majeure on the road. The solution - to leave home a little earlier. It's much better than to run headlong at the last moment.

3) Make-up. For many women find the right balance between beauty and punctuality - is no easy task. After all, they are ready to work for hours to brush up! Perhaps affected by the fact that in the morning, most people are not attractive or a simple inability to manage time. However, the fact remains that each cilium Spreads hours and symmetrically derived "arrow" bring a woman to boss reprimand - for someone like when an employee, albeit carefully naglyantsevavshaya its appearance, come to work an hour after it started.

4) Drowsiness. Lack of sleep - the cause of many delays. Therefore, you should think about: but really so much need all those watching movies late and gatherings in social media until the early morning?

Only one way out: either to settle their leisure time in favor of a rash, or, in general, to resign from his job. After all, patience superiors - is not unlimited. And sometimes leadership is silent not because he does not see such a breach of discipline or do not know about it - but only because of the fact that until recently, hoping for the independent re always late slave.