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As always be a gay man

Cheerful people - the center of attraction in any company with them to communicate easily, after a conversation with them is always the mood rises. Smiling girl enjoys great success, rather than a gloomy beauty. Positive mood person achieves everything planned.

As always be a gay man

Instruction how to always be cheerful person

Step 1:

It seems that the person who smiles and radiates joy, everything is going very well in life. This is not quite true. Just human condition tends to worsen. That is, if you have fallen into depression and melancholy, will continue to only get worse if you do not take to remedy the situation. So it is with joy and gladness - trouble retreat if you are distracted by them and turn a funny comedy.

Step 2:

Do not scroll continuously anything bad happened. If you Naham passer, forget, as if you were not hurt. Think, is it worth the incident to be angry and spoil your mood? Think of a funny cat, which is trying to catch the sunbeams, cheerful kids in the sandbox, but you never know the joy in life?

Step 3:

Getting up from bed in the morning, run up to the mirror and say, "Everything is wonderful! I was waiting for a beautiful day! ". Remember that thoughts are material, think about the good. Think of your mind dream detailing the imagination, then it will be more realistic. Your lips will form themselves into a smile.

Step 4:

Smiling man is always beautiful and cheerful people attract good luck. Rejoice in detail and remember funny episodes of life, to share them with others and loved ones. Spread joy and laughter around him.

Step 5:

The muscles of the face, that "make" a smile, stepping up the human brain areas that are responsible for feelings of happiness. Learn to see the positive side of the failures. For example, if you do not have time to buy fashionable boots on sale, you will have time to think, and whether you need them all. If you do not get a raise, you have the chance to improve their work and get a better paying position than the one that you have not given.

Step 6:

Watch comedy and fun transfer, you will have much more reason to laugh and smile. If you feel sad, read jokes, blues go away as if by magic.

Step 7:

Learn to be cheerful at the other-joker. Adopt his manner and outlook on life. Arrange holidays without cause, call the guests and ignite! For a party purchase products which give a feeling of happiness. With this handle: chocolate (endorphins), oily sea fish (omega-3), broccoli (folic acid) and milk (serotonin). With this set you will surely be fun to have a couple of hours.

Step 8:

Be joyful always and in spite of everything.