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Autumn depression. Five of the best ways to overcome

Summer is a small life. But running out of warm days and holidays. Ahead of the cold and gloomy autumn. There are five different ways to paint it in bright colors.

Autumn depression. Five of the best ways to overcome

You will need:

camera; train ticket; picnic basket; Board games; pie recipe.

Instruction autumn depression. the five best ways to overcome

Step 1:

Arrange the photo shoot. Find the social networking group of novice photographer, as a rule, they take the cheap. Or grab your camera and go to a beautiful place - the city park or the promenade.

Step 2:

Take a trip to another city.
 Why not? In one or two days to go to the next town. To walk, to unwind, to change the everyday situation. Go to some interesting places and return with a new joyful mood!

Step 3:

Commune with nature. Nature, as a manifestation of divine power, gives power to live! Stay alone with yourself or with your family anywhere in the country. Just one or two days of contact with nature can cure any melancholy and malaise!

Step 4:

Call friends to visit. Arrange home gatherings. Let it be a cozy meeting with loved ones. Play board games, Treat your loved ones prepared pie.

Step 5:

Look for the joy in every day, in every human being! Help someone, do a good deed. After all, spiritual fullness occurs when you start to give others something good, clean and bright.