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Employment law “no attraction”

A week do you expect from him a call. And call no. And you whisper the mantra: "Oh, dear, oh, please call." You never for a moment let go his cell phone and the hundredth time you check: Do not miss a call? Of course, you could call him herself (horror, as you want to do it!), But you have learned well the lessons my mother that a female is supposed to be proud and not to call the first man.

Employment Law & ldquo; no attraction & rdquo;

In these days of blind man's silence your mood ranges from angry: "To know him is no longer desire!", To the frightened: "What if with him something happened ?!" You're either mad or worried about it. So it seems that he, as if suffering from a severe form of amnesia, has completely forgotten you, and started a new girlfriend. Then suddenly you imagine it - an accident - under the wheels of the car, or fall out of the flying aircraft, or fell into the hands of robbers, or sick disease unknown to modern science. As they say, would be a problem. And how this problem yourself harder to torture - is what we, women, will find a way! But psychologists assure that it is time to say a firm experiences a "stop" should stop analyzing the blank, in general, the situation and hoped that the man was about to remember about you, just about everyone is aware of and calls. May be. Someday.

It is possible that your paths ever cross again and. The Earth is round. But today, you have a more important task than to dream of a future meeting. You have to stop torturing yourself. Look, even if the man at the moment solve the problem of global proportions, a week is more than enough to pick up the phone and dial your number. Of course, if he wants it. Men - being configured to victory inclined to boost the development of relations with you like a woman. And if you are interested in it, it is in any case their life situations in a day or two certainly took the time to call and check whether all with you in order. But if he remains silent for a week, it is not only the third, and the second is not given. Option is only one - you have not hooked. Triggering of the law "is not attractive." Alas, accept this fact.

This is where it all begins. Humble yourself ... Easy to say! And how to do it? After all, in the mind except men dream did not fit. And if you put a long time is not delayed. And you sorted out memories - we walked here, here ... he told me ... looked ... wrote a phone number. ... Well, why does not he call! Stop! Get a hold of yourself. Believe me, very soon you will see that his disappearance is your life does not become worse. Men come and go, freeing up room for new, more dignified. And in order to take the process herself proceeded smoothly, remember a few useful rules.

Rule 1. In no case do not despair and do not lei tears (tears spoil appearance).

Rule 2: Do not pester a man plaintive calls (these calls will give him a reason to be happy thinking that he broke up with you).

Rule 3. Do not focus on the problem (there are people who are much worse than you).

Rule 4. Distract and loans to self-improvement (start, for example, to study the Japanese language).

Rule 5. Calm down and think about what necessarily will be a new, good, worthy man in your life.