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How do you know a person's character by his eyes

No wonder the old proverb says that "the eyes - a mirror of the soul." Many people, not possessing any psychic abilities, it can identify human nature, just by looking into his eyes. To do this, you need to have powers of observation and attention. Learn the nature of human in the eyes as possible and with the help of specialists tips on physiognomy. The very first thing to note - the color of the iris eyes.

How do you know a person's character by his eyes

Instruction how to find out a person's character by his eyes

Step 1:

Winners black eyes think people strong, resilient with a fiery temperament. They are very loved-and almost always reach their goal, because go right through it.

Step 2:

Brown-eyed people have a violent and sensual character. Also, they are intelligent, sociable, amorous, inconstant, witty and selective to the terms of its communication.

Step 3:

Dark brown eyes gets people dreamy, impressionable and prone to seclusion. They all tend to do on their own and do not tolerate other people's interference in their affairs.

Step 4:

Holders of blue eyes - emotional, sensual and unexpected romance. They have a highly developed sense of justice, but arrogant and haughty.

Step 5:

People who are born went dark blue eyes, very sentimental, capricious, unpredictable and persistent, have a lively imagination. And they are very vindictive and touchy.

Step 6:

Pale blue eyes are very misleading - they are the owners of single-minded, and absolutely not sentimental. Within these personalities often raging storm of emotions and feelings that are not uglyadet for gentle blue eyes.

Step 7:

Gray-eyed people - smart, decisive and inquisitive. Also gray eyes gives successful people - they are lucky, always and everywhere. Holders of gray "mirrors of the soul" are often one-woman man.

Step 8:

Dark gray eyes betray the brave, self-sacrificing, strong-willed people. In relationships they prefer faithfulness and honesty. And they are usually jealous and stubborn, though carefully hide it.

Step 9:

Gray-green eyes hiding a strong, strong-willed person. Surrounding them is considered tough, intractable and obstinate, which helps these people to achieve goals.

Step 10:

Green-eyed people are distinguished tenderness, sincerity, loyalty and reliability. They have a very different, and seemingly incompatible qualities: kindness and integrity, tenderness and firmness.

Step 11:

Rare tiger eye color goes to the people with the talent of reading the thoughts of others. These creative, artistic and can be good friends, if you think it is talking about.

Step 12:

People with gray-green-brown eyes are great skeptics. This often prevents them to take a definite decision and stop rushing. Can not stand alone.

Step 13:

Also the color of the iris in order to learn the nature of human in the eyes, you need to pay attention to some other characteristics. Eyed people usually have a desire for leadership, they are courageous and sensual. People with small eyes - stubborn, sullen, closed and silent. When the eyes are on the same line - this is a good indication if they are tapered downwards, the determination means - in men and imprudent - females. Puffy lower eyelid speaks about the turbulent life and a strong attraction. If the two swollen century - their owner is tired of life. Eyes without eyelashes mean secrecy. In the old days, the holders of such eye was considered the devil's servants.