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How do you know about the person's handwriting

Nexus handwriting man with his character deals with the science of graphology. It is far from universal, as any individual is so complex that it is impossible to know everything about it only in the manner of writing. However, some of the conclusions about a person based on the analysis of his handwriting, can be done. To conduct the study give the subject unruled sheet of paper and ask them to write a short dictation - rows 10-15.

How do you know about the person's handwriting

Instruction how to find out about a person's handwriting

Step 1:

Look at the field. Narrow the field to the left indicates a person other than thrift, sometimes even petty. At the same time he is a loyal family man, one of those about whom they say "all the bears in the house." If the left margin of the top wider than the bottom, then the subject is likely to selfish and stingy. Wide left margin indicates that the person who wrote active, generous and open one. Too wide field indicates wasteful, boastful individual is inclined to splurge.

Step 2:

Sheet and diversified with a ruler and look at the direction of the rows. If they are right, then the person who wrote confident, calm, judicious, trusting. He has a strong will and a developed sense of duty. The lines are going up - the subject is resolute, brave, ambitious, set up for success. The lines going down, point to pessimistic, sentimental, insecure person. Waves write dodgy, deceitful people. If the first line refers to, and then lowered it in front of you a fickle person who loves to take on several things at once. If the line is first lowered and then raised, this person does not like to take up the case, but if you come from, it seeks to finish the job faster.

Step 3:

Note the inclination of letters. A strong inclination to the right, ie, virtually "behind" the letter says about the excesses and temper of the individual. Gentle slope to the right indicates the identity of the good and sympathetic. The steep slope of the right (45 degrees) made by people with a strong will and self-control, low-key and highly moral. The slope of the letters to the left indicates the owner of stealth and cunning. The letters, tilted in different directions to indicate uncertainty, internal discord and a good sense of humor. Handwriting without tilting speaks about harmony and balance write.

Step 4:

Evaluate the size and shape of letters. Close the handwriting is in the open and sociable people, small - at the closed and secretive. Angularity letters inherent selfish personalities, round - good. With strong pressure write strong-willed, strong personality with a weak - insecure people. Calligraphic writing indicates a balanced, calm, mandatory human. Illegible writing mobile, impulsive, energetic people. Sprawling handwriting happens with joker.

Step 5:

Rate fusion handwriting. If the letters are written as one word, it indicates good logic written. Separately, write them, those who rely more on intuition. As a rule, these are people with a strong aesthetic sense. On the gifted owner says the handwriting, which some lines are only partially visible.

Step 6:

Look at the end of rows. Large gaps that have arisen because of the reluctance to do in the words of the transfer, they say to be careful. And if the line is filled to the very end, and some of the letters at the same time narrowed, then the owner feels the need to speak handwriting.