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How do you know your character by the name of

From ancient times, people knew very well that the name has a special effect on a person's character and his fate. In ancient times named features carefully studied astrology, and now this process and the astrologers, and psychologists devote considerable attention. Know the meaning embodied in its name - it means to better understand themselves and learn how to avoid the many difficult situations.

How do you know your character by the name of

Instruction how to find your character name

Step 1:

Often people compare themselves with other owners of the same name, and think that they have a lot in common - and it applies to both positive character traits, both positive and negative. And then realize that the name - this is one of the pillars of character.

Step 2:

Look in the "Dictionary of names" and find out the value of their own name. Today, many prospective parents look into these "dictionaries" to choose a name for a son or daughter. Next to the name of the book is always written its value, and there is a small description of the nature of people wearing this or that name. Also, these "dictionaries" available options compatibility of male and female names in love and marriage.

Step 3:

Pass a special test to identify traits inherent to people with your name. Such tests are now in all the diversity represented on the Internet. Your character can be identified by name, surname and patronymic, date of birth. In addition, the program provides a number of tips about how the owner of a name to behave in different situations.

Step 4:

Try to identify the personality traits to spell his name. To do this, you must find the relevant literature, which tells about the meaning of each letter in the name. Write on a piece of paper the letters of his name and description of features inherent in a particular letter. For example, take the name "Elena": E - insight, love of life; A - the artistry, ingenuity; E - insight, joyous, H - wit; A - the moral force. If your name has two identical letters, then the features inherent in these letters, you especially peculiar.

Step 5:

By studying the nature of the name, remember that all the same, each of us - individuality. Try to cultivate good qualities which you have learned, but definitely need to deal with the identified shortcomings.