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How not to be a bore

Pragmatism, love of order and organization - good quality, which are very helpful in life. But do not go to extremes and become a tedious bore, a man without imagination and sense of humor.

How not to be a bore

Instruction how not to be a bore

Step 1:

Do not ship surrounding their problems. Do not tell them in detail about all their misfortunes. Otherwise, you will notice that you will be avoided. Report fewer parts companion. He will ask you himself that he wants to know in detail.

Step 2:

Do not lose your sense of humor. His absence - an integral feature of tediousness. Do not take life seriously at one hundred percent, do not take everything literally. Relax and smile at the joke, and did not dispute the facts, which were mentioned in it.

Step 3:

Do not impose their society. If you can not talk with the person, maybe he just does not want to talk with you at the moment. Do not insist and find another participant in the dialogue.

Step 4:

Leave alone the small details. Know how to allocate the main thing, the main, leaving the rest of non-essential details. Otherwise, you may find it superficial and pedantic, of course, bore.

Step 5:

Watch the reaction of the people. Then you will understand that you are tired of, even if you do not tell it right. Gradually, you have the habit of finishing the conversation before he bored companion. Remember that all necessary measure.

Step 6:

Do not demonstrate their education and awareness. The surrounding can be annoying if you interrupt and correct them. Sometimes it is better to admit the inaccuracy than destroy the relationship with colleagues and friends. Do not be too self-confident.

Step 7:

Cease to find fault with relatives, colleagues and friends. Understand that they have a right to decide how they should live, and your opinion is not always the most correct.

Step 8:

Learn to think big. Do not look at the situation with only one hand. More often put themselves in the place of others. Expand your horizons, and with it the world. To do this, you can learn something new and to travel.

Step 9:

Develop imagination. Read more fiction. Take painting or needlework. Pay attention to their creative inclinations and find a hobby for everyone.