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How not to be an outcast

Outcast - a man with a special outlook, contrasting himself to society and does not fit into his lifestyle. But such a person there is always a chance to be myself and not be rejected.

How not to be an outcast

Instruction how not to be an outcast

Step 1:

If you feel that you have become alien to some of the foundations of society, do not try to resist this process. Man - a being an individual, and the appearance of such individuals who are referred to as rogue, illustrates how the Company's development and whether it place a mess.

Step 2:

Building on its uniqueness, try to understand for themselves that any person, in essence - an outcast. Just do not all recognize. Worries about making money, spend it on a conventional pleasure, fashionable stylish clothes, rest - all this does not indicate the presence of a collective intelligence, reason "herds" that excludes and casts doubt on the existence of genius, outcast, unique person in the human being?

Step 3:

In order not to be an outcast, you must accept the conditions of society. To live by his rules, changing it for the better. Take advantage of the chance given to improve the habitat for the benefit of human thinking, of course, it is part of nature.

Step 4:

To join in any collective or society, to observe the laws, the style of behavior, "dress code" style of communication. But at the same time you can be yourself. Maybe someone does not like your humor or perspective. Someone will turn one's stomach "color scheme and style of" your behavior and the desire to understand the essence of some, perhaps, forbidden things. Do not be afraid to express their opinions.

Step 5:

Reflect on the fact that the society is certainly affect the life of an individual. But there is feedback. The extent to which your identity is developed in accordance with the laws of nature, has an impact on the people around you, space, events.

Step 6:

Your position should be life-affirming. If you feel the need, on bringing the best human qualities. Then the country will hear about what you are - man, striving for perfection - an outcast to society.