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How not to be henpecked

"Yes, he henpecked", "His wife keeps under his heel" - one of the most offensive phrases for men. Timid and shy woman, too spoiled male devotion, often become tyrants, and men shall be under their pressure, agree in everything. On the part of these men look real henpecked husbands, but the strength of each of them to prevent it.

How not to be henpecked

Instruction how not to be henpecked

Step 1:

Argue, if you do not agree with the woman. Sometimes the girls enjoy the fact that they are the weaker sex, and during the decision-making are trying to evoke pity or even cajole the young man caresses. In this case, the dispute is solved in favor of the woman and the man voluntarily concedes. This form of relationship will not make you a henpecked, when it comes to some minor issues, such as what color curtains to buy into the room. But when a serious decision you have to learn to defend their opinions. Do not pass on swearing and shouting. Suffice it to think and lead worthy arguments. If your half of them will not, it will give way to the dispute.

Step 2:

Most take the initiative. Wives fed men, choosing them clothes and determine where to go on vacation. This formula of family relations is not always bad, in many families the woman is the one who makes all the decisions. Sometimes, however, this leads to the fact that man has not able to solve anything and selected. Try often something to offer, be the initiator of ideas for leisure, shopping. If you do not keep quiet, I will listen to your opinion.

Step 3:

Try not to change the decision. Do not jump from one to another if you have previously commented on any situation. Become the master of your words. Follow promises. If you talk a lot but do not perform, your words will soon cease to be taken seriously. To avoid this, try by all means do what promised.

Step 4:

No matter how you tried to become a henpecked, do not cross the line, do not become a tyrant. Remember, not only do you have the right to their own opinion. Listen to your wife discuss together possible scenarios to make the right decision together. Sometimes go to compromise to avoid quarrels. Look for the golden mean, and your family life will be full of respect.