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How not to fall into a rage

There are circumstances where even a quiet, polite, non-conflict people can overwhelm very strong emotions. Perhaps the most dangerous of them - the rage, the anger has come down to the highest degree. Man covered with rage, deprived of the ability to think straight and to respond adequately. He can do in such a moment literally everything, without giving a report by word or deeds. It is easy to understand that this is very dangerous for the man himself and to others.

How not to fall into a rage

Instruction how not to fall into a rage

Step 1:

Of course, each person is unique and unique, especially in character and temperament. What comes easily calm phlegmatic, choleric irascibility almost inaccessible. However, always remember the wise rule: "One should not become a slave to his emotions." Learn how to dominate them, to keep yourself in their hands.

Step 2:

For example: your partner hurt you, allowing gross tactlessness. You feel ready to "explode" to pounce on him with his fists. As though it was difficult, at first mentally count to ten. Surely rage flash pass, replaced contemptuous condescension: Well, that take from this ill-mannered ignorant. And then you will be able to restrict the icy rebuke. After all, words can "whip" so that will not find it.

Step 3:

Or on the job turned out to be just a crazy day - as the saying goes, the enemy does not want. And then there's colleagues, as if by agreement, have made a mistake, that it was necessary to correct you. And martinet exhausted all nerves, presenting a bunch of unjust claims. Inside, everything boils, one step to uncontrollable rage. How to be? Under any pretext to take a break. Get out into the hallway or on the street at least for a short time. Cigarette (smoking if you are), have a cup of tea or coffee. In an extreme case of "vent" their emotions on any subject.

Step 4:

In the struggle with the fury of such a well to trouble-free way: crumple a sheet of paper and run them somewhere far away. In extreme cases the heart tap fist on the table or the wall - just try to do at the same time without injury.

Step 5:

If the situation, shall communicate to you that you are ready to fall into a rage, repeated over and over again, you can (preferably in consultation with the doctor) to take anti-anxiety medication. At the first opportunity hiking, get out of town, on nature - it helps relieve nervous tension.

Step 6:

Engage in physical activity, Organize your daily routine. Try to get as much positive emotions and avoid any negativity.

Step 7:

It will not hurt also undergo a medical examination. Perhaps the tendency to excessively strong emotions caused by the violation of your hormonal levels. Then you will be treated.