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How not to fall into despair

A bad mood, melancholy, sadness in my soul - like states are often. But they should not be the norm, even if your life consists of continuous problems. If you manage to cope with despondency - one problem, and, very important, it will be less. How to tune in a positive way?

How not to fall into despair

Instruction how not to fall into despair

Step 1:

Do not focus on his spleen, distracting from it, out into the streets. While walking, try to be distracted: watch out for the people, pay attention to nature, which is good at any time of the year. Enjoy the greenery, blue sky, snow, flight of birds; hearing a child laugh, rejoice for it - let the light in the soul perception of the world.

Step 2:

If the whole world seems gray and dull to you, colorize it. Add brightness to clothes items. It is not necessary to completely change the wardrobe. Cheer up your favorite color scarf, belt or beautiful sparkly barrettes in her hair.

Step 3:

Complete the mug home interiors. Put on the table a vase with flowers, even artificial, and hang the poster on the wall hilarious. Turn imagination, she will tell you how you can still decorate around you.

Step 4:

Very useful in a bad mood to actively move - so you are helping to improve the tone of the body, strengthen it. And as we all know, a healthy body - healthy spirit. Choose what is most optimal for you: skiing, biking, swimming in the pool, running or dancing classes.

Step 5:

Take what you will from the heart, it calms and distracts from gloomy thoughts, interrupting them. It can be embroidered, some other crafts, interesting book, a permutation of furniture, a new culinary masterpiece. Play with your cat or dog. Pets - excellent doctors with melancholy.

Step 6:

A good tool to combat discouragement - a smile. Reasons abound for her: think of a funny story, something pleasant, cheerful scene from the film. Smile from the heart, with pleasure - and your soul responds, proklyunetsya joy, sadness recede.