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How not to give up

There is hardly a person who has never found himself in a hopeless situation. It seems the tide has turned from you - around one problem and attempt to solve them came to nothing lead. It is important in such a situation does not give up.

How not to give up

Instruction how not to give up

Step 1:

Make a list of the issues that you are concerned, in order of importance and urgency. On another sheet of paper, write possible solutions. If the problem is very complicated, break it into steps and determine the approximate time frame necessary actions.

Step 2:

More write that you may need, who to ask for help, which may be obstacles. It is unlikely that will cover all, but you will feel calmer and more confident, if you have well thought out plan of action. Besides drawing up such a plan would help to overcome the panic and hopelessness. Every item made - this is a step on the way to victory, be sure to mark it in the list of planned actions.

Step 3:

Try to understand what caused the problem. Perhaps the fatal role played by your habits and character traits. Do not attempt to turn a blind eye to it, or if you do not take action, the problem will return. We should not exaggerate the importance of your actions and deal with samoedstvom, otherwise you run the risk of falling into a depression. If you have come to the conclusion that at you is a certain proportion of the blame for the troubles befell you, make a list on a separate sheet of actions which you should avoid, and habits from which you want to get rid of.

Step 4:

Consult with people who were in this situation and successfully changed it, learn a foreign successful experience. Associates and consultants, you can find among his friends, and on various Internet forums.

Step 5:

If problems depress you, and you can not escape from the painful thoughts, try to imagine that many years had passed, and look at the situation from afar. Remember that you are upset 10 years ago - most likely, passion on this issue has long subsided, and the experience is almost forgotten. Believe that the current situation will be perceived by you as quietly after a while.

Step 6:

Allow yourself time to rest from time. The best effect is given exercise, especially outdoors. Bike or cross-country skiing, swimming, gym will give you a sense of joy and allow the muscle to distract from problems.